Misty Ariella Hubbard essay

In 2014, I was accepted into the Americorps National Service program as a volunteer in a small community in Washington. During my year of service, I had many opportunities to collaborate with my team and organize community events, fundraisers and local activities for the youth. My team and I raised over $3,000 for our Civic Engagement Camp where we hosted a weekend for middle school students to learn about the importance of Civic Engagement in their community and assisted them in organizing a Service Project the following month.


While we organized several fundraisers, the one where we made the most money was when we hosted a talent show that was open to anyone in the community. We asked local businesses to donate merchandise, food, and gift certificates for the raffle, and it was a huge success. I had the opportunity to participate in the talent show with one of the youths that later attended the Civic Engagement Camp. We sang a song together and received a lot of positive feedback.


This fundraiser achieved great results because many community members and part of the Americorps team participated in the talent show. Many people in the community wanted to support each other as well as give to our program because they knew how much it benefited their children from previous years Americorps Volunteers. It was also a great way for local businesses to give back to the community and gain a more positive and generous reputation. It gave my team and I an opportunity to build professional relationships with community members, stakeholders, and business owners that helped us reach our goals to fund our different events and programs.


For me it was an enriching experience because I was able to not only showcase my talents as a musician, but I fostered a more meaningful connection with one of the middle school students I regularly engaged with in the community and our programs. I had been involved in talent shows in the past, but never for such a beneficial cause. It was an honor to be able to dedicate my time to such a great project and I was elated at the response that we received from everyone. Having youth, community members and Americorps volunteers participate in the talent show itself definitely played a role in the turn out that we had. I think having that more intimate atmosphere was really important in our success.


The Civic Engagement Camp that the fundraiser raised money for was a huge success for both the youth and my team. We even had money leftover to throw a party at the end and give to the students for their own projects. We all had a blast over a weekend full of fun and educational activities and adventures. Many of the students were returning from previous years, and some were Junior Counselors and assisted my team in organizing everything. It was definitely one of the highlights of my service.


If I were to organize a raffle in the future, I will definitely use some of the ideas that we used for our talent show. It was a lot of fun to collaborate with the youth and their families, stakeholders, and local businesses to create a fundraising event that brought everyone in the community together.



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