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Non-profit organizations, have become so popular in the community we live in and these organizations like the name, seek to give back to the community eliminating any desire of making personal profit. This organizations are faced with the responsibility of functioning from donations, sponsors and contributors, which might be a major factor in the success or downfall of the organization.

These organizations go use avenues such as raffle fund raisers, auctions and other activities to generate funds for the organization; the raffle fund raiser becoming the most common. The major question is how this form of fundraising can be of any benefit to these organizations. These organizations, as much as they might not be driven by profit, publicity and awareness, is a factor that determined success. Creating a raffle fund raiser especially with a valuable prize will interest people into buying raffle tickets. We as humans are adventurous and love to win, imagine the amount of people who purchase the Powerball ticket daily and have never won, but keep buying.

The most important factor is sharing the value and goals of the organization to the public and making them understand what the organization stands for. People are generally cautious of investing money in “non-profit organizations”, because of the fear of embezzlement of funds in the name of doing good for the society.

  1. These organizations look to maximize sales of these tickets because this is a major factor as to whether enough money is made or not. There should be categories of prizes to be won, with the price of the raffle ticket being affordable. There should also be an incentive for those selling the tickets to benefit from if a certain number of tickets are sold. This will motivate the ticket sellers and increase ticket sales. A partnership can be made with organizations to sponsor the prizes; organizations such as Apple, Samsung, this way people are interested in purchasing tickets because they know they will be have a chance of winning a valuable prize.
  2. As stated in the last paragraph above, partnership with top brands or brands are popularly patronized or present quality products, will boost ticket sales because ticket buyers will be interested in winning a prize from one of these companies. Some people will also purchase more than one ticket to increase their chance of winning.
  3. Volunteers play a vital role in the success of sales and they should stay motivated. Motivation might come from added incentives and benefits such as awareness and recognition by the organization, a bigger role to play in the organization and sharing the values and goals to them, this will drive the organization if everyone is on one accord.

Even top companies today are focused on sustainability in how they function and produce their products. Some companies contribute to these non-profit organizations to give back to the community in which they function and customers are getting more aware and pay attention to activities like this when deciding on brands to patronize.

In conclusion, all the planning and investment will mean nothing if the values and goals of the organization is not properly understood and shared by those involved.

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