Mikaela Stevens essay

As a young girl, I went to every church event that my church, and other churches had to offer. One of my personal favorites was Vacation Bible School, VBS. It was a week-long event in the middle of summer. We would spend about 6 hours every evening at church playing games, having lessons, and just having an all-around great time! Every evening everyone enrolled in the program went into the sanctuary and we would play “Who’s sitting in the lucky seat?”. During this game they would raffle off candy and toys, such as scooters and bikes. It was my favorite time of the night cause every year I would win at least 2 things. Having that raffle helped keep the kids engaged and wanting to come back for more fun.

I believe that it is very beneficial for churches and other organizations and service groups to participate in having raffles. It helps draw in a bigger crowd. In addition to having a larger crowd, by having great items to raffle off you have a large crowd consistently showing up to your events. I know that every year one of the big selling points for me was the opportunity to win something fun and cool that I didn’t have! Even now, as a young adult I am more inclined to make an appearance at a gathering if there is a good raffle going on.

At the high school I attend, Choctaw High School, we have an annual fundraising event every spring called “Gold Rush”.  Gold Rush is a week-long event where students have the opportunity to pick a partner and the pair compete against other groups trying to raise the most money. Whoever raises the most money gets crowd “king and queen” or “king and king”/ “queen and queen”. All the money they have raised goes to a student in our community or goes directly to school to help us update and buy things we need on campus. One way the participants of the competition try to get the student body involved in the event is by raffles. Every year at least 75% of the groups raffle off expensive items, such as Kendra Scott jewelry, Yeti cups, and cool t-shirts. In fact, most groups raffle off more than one thing and have a fabulous outcome. I have personally seen how giving the students something they want with a small challenge really helps gain the attention the fundraiser’s need to be successful.

However, raffles aren’t all about just the giving away cool gifts, but there is a lot of work and planning that goes into them. I believe that the people who put in the time to have wonderful that everyone can benefit from is exhausting and most people aren’t interested in doing the work. One way to keep the raffle fun and on-going, is to give the hardworking individuals a goal they can work towards. For example, if your raffle is community wide and you have a few days to sell tickets tell your employees that whoever sells the most tickets gets a free shirt or a $20 gift card to Olive Garden. This will make the raffle have more sells and be more fun for everyone involved.

In conclusion, raffles are fun for everyone and great easy way to get tons of people involved and raise tons of money for meaningful causes. They leave children with fond memories and give people something fun and competitive to look forward to.


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