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Describe how a business (including retail and service) can derive promotional and customer loyalty/retention benefit by utilizing a raffle in their marketing efforts.
    Surprise selection by a drawing can create excitement in any consumer.  Everyone says that they never win anything and then that moment you get a phone call that you truly won something changes their world even if it is something like a free meal.  It is the sense of accomplishment or that the odds were in their favor for once.  That one win can lead a person to tell another person about the drawing that that business had could turn into a win for that person.  People love to boast when they win and will tell everyone when and what they won.
    Word of mouth is the strongest form of advertisement and when you have a person win something from your business that can lead to them entering your business for other products or services.  From there it is up to the business to turn that one time customer into not only a returning customer, but the customer that will tell others to go to that business or their products or services.  Word of mouth is not something you are able to buy as it has to be earned.  The world like to talk about the bad experiences more than the good ones, but if you get someone to give a very positive review that could be worth even more.
    Create a following, a reason for customer to want to come back.   Give customers more than just shopping a reason to come into their location.  Create an atmosphere that anything is possible and new opportunities can be found.  I have seen in grocery stores the practice of giving a coupon for milk that stated it was 1 of 5 to the contest, but the customer had to continue every week or other week to get their coupon to make sure they got all 5 that their entry would be full filled and their chance of winning would go up.  The key is for the people in the store to keep customer excited about what is to come and how they cannot wait to see you win the contest.  Positivity can go a long way.
    Another instance could be how a business such as a time share or resort style location would give people raffle opportunities to win a vacation, but what the customer is not realizing the goal is if you come once you may come again.  You may have received a free vacation and if your experience is good that you may come there again which would be on your own dime as a sale to that business.  The main goal is to get you in the door once and hopefully you keep on coming through that door.  Vacation types of business make more money off all the additional services than they do off the room rates and if they give a room for a few nights they will be able to make it up in those additional services. 

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