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I have been volunteering and working with many charitable organizations since I was about thirteen years old. With my experience working with non-profit and charitable organizations I have helped to plan and execute many different fundraisers. Over the years I have seen many different types of fundraisers some that worked extremely well and some that did not raise any money at all. I believe the most important thing to remember when planning a fundraiser is to know who your target audience is. That being said one way to reach almost any target audience young, old, rich, or poor is to show them that they can get something in return for helping your organization.

Through the many different organizations that I have volunteered or worked at I always suggest a fifty fifty raffle as a fundraising idea. For the past three years I have attended a brunch and silent auction to benefit the Alzheimer’s association. During the brunch I walk around selling fifty fifty raffle tickets. This is always a great hit with everyone. We even have people waving money at us from across the room because they want to make sure we do not forget them and they get their tickets. Tickets for the fifty fifty raffle can be sold one at a time or in larger quantities such as five or even thirty. By giving participants the option to pick how much they spend is a great way to reach everyone.  This past year the fifty fifty raffle at the Alzheimer’s association brunch raised over nine hundred and fifty dollars over all. This was about two hundred dollars more than the previous year. When the winner of the fifty fifty raffle was called he told everyone that he was going to be donating all of his portion of the winnings back to the Alzheimer’s association. All of the proceeds were then turned into the Alzheimer’s association to help found research in to this horrible incurable disease.

Using fifty fifty raffles as a fundraiser is always a great idea for a few different reasons. First fifty fifty raffles attract everyone not just a single group of people. People believe that because it is a completely random drawing they are more likely to win. Also just like in my case at the Alzheimer’s association brunch the winner often donates at least a portion if not all of the proceeds back to the organization that is holding the fundraiser. Finally it does not cost the organization any money except for buying the tickets. This helps to maximize the total profits because it is not an expensive fundraiser to hold.

In this experience and many others that I have been privileged to help with I have been able to find that there is still good in this world. In today’s society there is so much hate and negativity from many different groups of people. It is encouraging and uplifting to see all of these people that have just been handed four hundred dollars in cash or even more and they decide to hand it right back for the better good. It is important to find the good in people and the best way to do that is to start a fundraiser for something that you are passionate about. Even though the proceeds from fundraisers like these may not show immediate response in five years when there is a medication that prevents Alzheimer’s or cancer we will be able to understand why we worked so hard.


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