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Everyone has been apart of a raffle some time in their life. As a kid looking at these beautifully wrapped raffle baskets and begging your parents for tickets is something we all remember doing at a church gathering or a back to school event. Even now seeing those popcorn basket raffle baskets just somehow makes you want to buy 20 tickets.  Raffles will always be something people will be more than willing to put their hard-earned cash into whether it’s fruit baskets, movie tickets, or a microwave. But how can these businesses, church groups, and other organizations use these raffles to best succeed in raising money.

Many times, the problem of an unsuccessful raffle fundraiser may be the advertisement of the event was not used to its fullest potential. So, to increase and maximize tickets sales the advisement for the event needs to be persuasive and directed towards the right audience. These advertisements must include the basic information of what it is, where, when, why, and how much. Excluding one of these could turn off a lot of people who would be willing to attend and even donate. So, when you have all 5 of these basic questions answered for the average person they are more likely to go and contribute their money to the raffle.

But another part of successful advertising is knowing your audience. It is great if your advertisement you just made has all 5 of the essential questions answered and is in a neat and easy to understand format but if your target audience is younger people and teens and you put your advisement into the newspaper then it will most definitely not be as successful as it could be. Knowing who your audience is and where they receive most of their information is vital to have a more successful turnout at an event which then leads to more tickets sales. If your target audience was younger adults and teens it would be more beneficial to put your ad on a social media outlet like Facebook or Twitter. Many times, teens and younger adults look to Facebook to find fun events that are taking place. This way this information can be shared over and over again which will inform more people and get them interested in attending.  But if your target audience was maybe people over the age of 70 you most likely would use some other means to send the information because most people over the age of 70 aren’t avid smartphone users.

Of course, one of the many important aspects of these fundraising raffles is the prize. It really comes down to people seeing what they are spending their money on. Seeing a nice raffle basket or an ice-cream maker really makes people want to spend their money on only a chance to win the actual prize.  I think some prizes that would stimulate some ticket sales would be things like gift cards, because they are very versatile and instead of having something already bought the winner can choose what they want. So, if you were to have a raffle basket containing Starbucks, BestBuy, Target, Walmart, Giant Eagle, or Michael’s gift cards even if that person doesn’t shop at those store locations this “free cash” would encourage them to.  Having gift cards is something I think pretty much everyone could enjoy and use no matter how old or young they are, these cards are versatile and useful.




But to really know what the people want you to have to ask and I think a survey is a great way to do so. If you survey people on what they would like to see at raffles you can get a better idea of what to have there. But with this method you must also make sure that the survey data you are collecting is not biased towards one group of people, so with that you need to ensure you are surveying people of all age groups and genders. If this method is done correctly you will know what these people like and that is the first step in making a more successful raffle.


Amongst having a plan for advertisements and actual raffle prizes it is also important to think about the people selling these tickets. Since these people may be volunteers and doing this for free I think a great way to motivate them would be to hold a raffle amongst the volunteer staff. Have it set up for every certain amount of tickets that they sell they get maybe 1 or 2 tickets for their own raffle. And before they start selling tickets these people could each donate some money for their raffle prize which they could all suggest some ideas of what it could be. This could help not only increase tickets sales but the morale between the staff.

Raffles are something everyone enjoys and when everything is done right they can be quite successful and help many people. Whether it’s for your local church or a huge non-profit organization, raffles are a good way to receive eager donations. Sometimes raffles aren’t so successful but when you have a strong advertisement campaign and you know your audience then your ticket sales are bound to increase. If you want a way to increase staff morale, why not have a separate raffle for volunteers only? And although it is always nice to win a popcorn tin in a raffle sometimes the sticky caramel corn gets a little old, so to stimulate more ticket sales have prizes everyone is sure to enjoy, like a $25 gift card to that new restaurant in town. These are just some little improvements that can be made to ensure you will have an even more successful raffle.

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