Madeline Eron essay

My family owns their own restaurant, called Mr. Brews Taphouse. Throughout the year, we hold big events, usually for holidays or special occasions. During these events, we use raffles as a way to not only promote the restaurant, but to also encourage people to return and share their experiences with their friends and family. Giving back to these people is a good way to spread our business name and also gain more loyal customers who enjoy our restaurant.
One thing that we do for these events is that we have a ‘wheel of fortune’. This is a wheel with different prizes or things to do or receive. A person pays a dollar to spin the wheel, then whatever the wheel lands on, is what they get. For example, there is ones where you receive a free t-shirt, get half off your meal, are awarded a glass with the restaurant’s brand on it, or get to take home half the ‘pot’. The ‘pot’ is where all the money of those who spin the wheel go. Every dollar given to spin the wheel goes into a jar, then when someone lands on the slice to receive half the pot, the spinner gets half and then the waiters get the other half.
Another raffle kind of thing that we do at these events is that when every time someone buys a drink at the bar they get to write their name on a ticket. Then the tickets go into a bowl. Every hour, on the hour, a ticket with a name is pulled out and that person gets a free prize. That prize is usually anything from a t-shirt to a glass to a key chain with the branding on it. This is a great way for something as simple as buying a drink to turn into something fun and involving for the customers.
One other way that Mr. Brews Taphouse respects its customers through loyalty and continuous retention is with our loyalty card. Each customer is offered a loyalty card during their first purchase or every purchase if they don’t show they already have one. This card racks up points with every meal one buys. A certain amount of points are given for buying food or drinks, then once one has saved up a specific amount of points they can get a prize. This can be stuff like discounts on the entire bill, free drinks, shirts and glasses with the restaurant’s brand on them, and even free burgers. By doing this, we are showing our appreciation for our customer’s loyalty and dedication to Mr. Brews Taphouse. Those loyal customers deserve rewards for supporting our business and this a fantastic way to give back to those who truly love our food, drinks, and atmosphere.
Overall, rewarding loyal, dedicated customers with free things, like food, drinks, and merchandise is an excellent way to keep smiles on their faces and to keep them coming back day after day. This can be done so with by holding large events for holidays such as New Year’s Eve, Veterans Day, Mother’s Day, and Father’s Day or even events like yearly anniversaries of being a successful business. During these events the business can give free things out to customers using raffle tickets or even spinning wheels. Another way to give back to loving customers would be to have loyalty cards for those who visit numerous times a month. These are all fantastic ways to promote the business as well as give appreciation to those customers who seem to never leave.

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