Lauren Christine Kangarloo essay

Describe how a business (including retail and service) can derive promotional and customer loyalty/retention benefit by utilizing a raffle in their marketing efforts

Three years ago, my husband and our entire family decided to open a 42,000 square foot gym and spa facility in Northern Virginia. You see, fifteen years ago my father-in-law sold his business, The Fitness Equation, to Sport and Health which is now One-Life Fitness. During that transaction they signed a non-compete to not open another gym in fifteen years. Well, those fifteen years were up and with our work ethic we opened up a new facility in one of the most competitive markets in the United States. Our biggest challenge is competing against large corporations that have an excess amount of money that can be used for marketing and advertisement. Since we are a family owned company, we do all of our marketing in house and raffles have helped us build our clientele. 

One of our first promotions at The Fitness Equation was a raffle for free membership to the facility. As our gym was being built, we were in a pre-view center down the road. We did not have a concept for customers to physically see but we had a  list of different classes that would be offered, our rates, and blueprints of what the facility would look like. In order to gain traction we advertised this raffle through fliers. This encouraged people to come to our preview center and learn more about the gym. At the grand opening we announced the winner and awarded her the free membership. 

Now as we are approaching our two year anniversary of when we opened The Fitness Equation. We still use raffles as our main source of marketing. For example, at community events we set up booths that have raffles for memberships and swag items like T-shirts with our logo printed on them. Furthermore, we do raffles within our company. If we are trying to raise money for pediatric cancer we give a raffle ticket per dollar that they donate for free membership. Or we give a raffle to each member that does a Barre class to win a swag item. Through offering these raffles it encourages others to learn more about the facility and for our members to stay active within our community. Raffles are essential to all businesses but especially our business, The Fitness Equation.

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