Laketa Jackson-Burts essay


October 10, 2017

Goal Statement


Goal Statement

“The first college graduate in my family.” Feels great to say that. My curiosity of new experiences has lead me to want to become so much more. It shows hard work and dedication to step out and create a new trend for my family. My parents are only 14 years older than myself, I’m the oldest of 5 siblings, and a single mom.  I have now raised the bar and have displayed that achieving higher education is possible. As my siblings, and my son watch my accomplishments, leadership, and growth. They feel the need to adapt to the same hunger for success as I have.

I’m the leader in my family.  Everyone looks forward to the next family event I will hold. I love to cook, in fact I have owned a small bistro in Cleveland, Ohio. There were many delicious entrees to choose from. It became a very popular place to eat. It was unfortunate, that I needed better skills in business management, and accounting. I also learned to be patient and wait until the right time. It was much too early to in my career to open a business.

My experience includes supporting individuals that held leadership positions at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation, and the Chief Talent Officer of the Cleveland Metropolitan School District.  These opportunities have given me the opportunity to develop skills of the importance of leading by example, managing by coaching and mentoring, and development performance improvement tools.  I discovered my love for leadership within the roles that I have obtained. I love for people to depend on my expertise, and for others to find satisfaction in me sharing my knowledge.

A Master’s in Business Management is the training I need for my current roles, and future career plans.  In my current role as Grants Coordinator I provide grants administration for grant seekers and active grantees: review grant requests for compliance; maintain regular communication with grantees regarding reporting guidelines and due dates; ensure that grant files are complete and contact information is accurate; and monitor and changes in grant deliverables.  Additional duties are, financial management functions including: process invoices, manage grant payment process, and reconcile credit card statements

I would make a great student in the Master’s program. The Business program gives me the tools I need to understand management, accounting, presentations, develop the skills I need especially for creating spreadsheets, budget proposals, etc. I have truly learned what it takes to put in effort, and dedication towards my goals. I love when I hear people say.” you make things look so easy.” That lets me know that I don’t appear to be overwhelmed or stressed. I‘m much too focused on moving forward, and making my own way in anything. I’m highly determined to receive a MBA to qualify for higher qualified positions.

In the upcoming years, I’m looking forward to lifetime opportunities to provide for myself and my family. I hope to soon one day have the resources, and education to open my own business again. My mentor always tell me,” the best things in life, are the things you had to work hard for.” I have learned that everything doesn’t work out the way you plan, and you won’t always be the best at everything you try, what matters is the best put forth effort that you developed towards growth.

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