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Benefits of Raffle Ticket Sales


I work for St. Coletta of Wisconsin, a nonprofit that specializes in disability services. Every summer, we host a family picnic for all of our clients and their families, and all the employees and their families. It’s a good-sized event, and we always have burgers and dogs, mini-golf, game booths, and a raffle. This year was very special, as the raffle prize was a car. But not just any car, a 1941 Ford convertible named Betty that belonged to the original St. Coletta School, which opened over 100 years ago to take in and teach cognitively impaired children. The raffle generated a lot of interest, and we sold almost 200 tickets at $50 apiece, all proceeds going towards our clients and our special activities budget for the year. One of my clients bought a ticket himself—he’s 90 years old and he’s spent 80 of those years at St. Coletta. He talked about it for weeks, hoping he’d be the lucky winner. He even got to pull the winning ticket out of the bowl to read off at the picnic. Unfortunately he did not win, but the winners donated the car right back to St. Coletta for the clients to keep enjoying as a symbol of where we’ve been and where we’re going. It was a wonderful experience that brought us together as an organization and really encompassed the spirit of St. Coletta.

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