Kayla Kozub essay

My grandmother served in Chennai, India working for an organization called Rafiki.  They help women who have been thrown out of their homes, many times with small children, and left to beg on the streets.  Rafiki takes such desperate women into a temporary housing and education program.  They teach women how to sew or make jewelry.  Then, they give these women micro loans to start their own businesses.  Countless women have been helped from this program and got off the streets with a steady income to provide for themselves and for their kids.  This is an amazing program.

My church wanted to send a bunch of women to see Rafiki and serve along side of these brave women.  In 2010, my church started fundraising to send eleven of us to India.  We did all kinds of fundraisers.  But the most fun was the silent auction.  We invited friends and family to purchase raffle tickets that one could then place into jars representing different prizes.  Such prizes ranged from helicopter rides to musical instruments.  All items were donated.  Because of hard work and the generosity of many, we were able to raise thousands of dollars.

After months of raising funds, applying for visa’s, and making travel arrangements, the day to leave finally came.  I remember well flying many hours from Hawaii to Singapore then to Chennai.  We had to purchase special Indian saris.   We helped the women there and visited many orphanages.  I remember my mouth hurt from smiling so much!  I was like a star or somebody famous.  Orphans kept saying to me that I was their age, and nobody their age ever visited them.  We also saw the Taj Mahal, as my grandmother did not want us to miss that.  In all the amazing things we saw and did in Indian, I was most struck by the needs of the children there.

Currently, I am enrolled at Fudan University in Shanghai, China in their six year medical program.  They train internationals to pass the American Medical Boards.  The program is taught in English.  Fudan graduating students are invited to take these very difficult exams.  Upon passes them, one can enroll in a medical residency program in America or Canada.  Upon completing the two year residency program, one can become a fully licensed US/Canadian doctor.   I want to return to Asia and be an American doctor!  There are too many needs for excellent health care in Asia.  I want to make a difference!

Thank you so much for the opportunity to apply for your excellent scholarship.  It would be an honor to receive such assistance.  Thank you for making a difference in lives of young adults here locally in the US and hopefully in the lives of others globally through your scholarship program.


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