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Most people love to gamble. The lottery is fueled by millions who love to gamble. In each one of us, there’s a part wanting to find an easy way to get money. A lottery or raffle ticket is a small investment that could possibly reap a huge reward, which is very tempting. That’s why raising money for fundraisers is effective when using a raffle drawing. Throw into the equation that you are contributing to a good cause, and it becomes very easy to sell tickets! I’ve seen this work effectively in an abundance of situations.
As a volleyball player, we were constantly raising money for our team. At every home game, we would sell lottery tickets to win a cash door prize. You don’t have to say “cash prize” twice to talk people into buying tickets. Also, the odds of winning at these events are pretty high. Let’s say 100 people attend a volleyball game and buy $10 worth of lottery tickets. That amounts to $1000 in cash. If you split that with the winner, each person has a 1 chance in 100 to win that money! Pretty good odds compared to buying a lottery ticket at the convenience store where the odds are 1 in millions.
If cash is not what you want to give a prize, no problem. Just design the prize to appeal to the market you are selling to. For example, you could offer all-day-spa excursions to busy moms who are in a desperate need to pamper themselves.
Offering a discount for buying more than one ticket has always been effective for increasing sales. If lottery ticket is on sale for $1.00 each, offer 10 tickets for $7.00 to promote more sales. Encourage people to pool money with their friends to make buying multiple tickets more cost-effective.
There are so many businesses willing to donate their goods and services to help a non-profit organization raise money. Solicit them for donations and hold raffles to win the prizes they offer. Selling raffle tickets is a great way to get people to donate their pocketbook money to organizations. Most people carry some cash and if you station yourself where they are most like to use that cash, you can take advantage of the selling opportunity.   In the past, we have solicited for raffle tickets at convenience stores, grocery stores, and gas stations. It’s also hard to say no right to your face, especially if the person asking is fairly young.
Prizes that I have found to be effective when selling raffle tickets include cash, gift certificates to local establishment or restaurants, movie tickets, and any social events. If you can give people a reason to have some leisure time with their family coupled with contributing to a good cause, you’ll likely get the sale. Most people understand that non-profit organizations like schools and clubs have to raise money to operate. I’ve always asked my family for donations. They love me, how can they say no!
It is also very important to motivate the people selling the tickets. You could do this by offering prizes for selling set amounts of tickets. For example, you could give them a candy bar for selling 25 tickets, a gift card for selling 50 tickets, and maybe a hat for selling 200 tickets. This would motivate the sellers to sell tickets because all they have to do is convince people to invest in the raffle and they win free prizes.
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