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Raffle Ticket Scholarship Essay
Non-profit organizations can best gain benefit for their fundraising effort by implementing raffle tickets. To increase the sales of raffle tickets when a raffle ticket is purchased, the participants will receive a pen, or a wristband with the non-profits logo on it, and the kids have the option of receiving a sticker with the non-profit’s logo. Sponsors for some companies for the Non-profit would be giving wrist bands, stickers, small notepads and other materials to the participants for free to increase tickets sales for the non-profit. The sponsors would also have a chance to promote their brand and the participants would be getting something in return for free from the organization to let every participant know that they appreciate the purchasing of the tickets and value their donations especially if it’s for a good cause a back to school event, or a clothes/food/supplies event. The free give away when purchasing a raffle ticket for the chance of winning a prize will increase the sales of the tickets because of the cause of the event, people like free gifts and that value of the raffle. The tickets should be charged $1 per person. The participants can only purchase one ticket per person in their party and cannot lose their ticket or they will not be able to win a prize and out of consideration of others they cannot purchase another ticket if lost or stolen.
Some prizes that would encourage ticket sales would include $100 or in cash more in a gift card to a restaurant, or any other place, A flat screen tv, a virtual reality headset, gaming systems or even tickets to a show or event. There should be 3 prizes for those who purchased the tickets to win. Having big prizes that tv’s and gift cards are what people have a desire for and what is popular and valuable. The prizes have to be big and attractive or else people won’t buy the tickets and the raffle won’t be as effective as you want it to be. The gifts should be big but not too big because you don’t want to over spend on gifts because you do not know how many people will purchase he tickets but every nonprofit should budget and get quality gifts for the increase of ticket sales.
To motivate volunteers to sell more tickets, the nonprofits would need to inform the volunteers of a free gift to the one who sells the most tickets. It would be to see a sports game, movie gift card, something that would be useful and valuable to the volunteers to use in public. Besides having the desire to help for a good cause the volunteers would be rewarded and the money collected from the tickets would be beneficial to the non-profit success and future to continue to give back and serve the community as desire with the successful selling and purchasing of tickets.
There are multiple ways a non-profit organization can be creative with successful with a fundraiser for the company by selling raffle tickets. I have provided some ways how raffling can be useful to any and every nonprofit organization.

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