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1. Describe how non-profit organizations, (including church groups, civic groups, youth sports organizations) can best derive benefit for their fundraising effort by holding a raffle fundraiser. Offer proposals for a) maximizing the sales of their raffle tickets b) prizes that would encourage and stimulate ticket sales c) suggested ways to motivate volunteers to sell more tickets.
Raffle tickets are often the most exciting part of an event as they are imbued with hope and excitement that you may be lucky ticket holder 58423 who just won that grand prize. In order to have an effective raffle fundraiser the most important factor is having good prizes. In order to motivate the people at an event they must believe that the payoff for the raffle is worth the price of the ticket. If there is a very sought after grand prize such as an Ipad or whatever the current high-tech gizmo of the day happens to be, people will buy tickets. However, it is important to make sure that the event has enough traffic to gain a critical mass that can pay for the prizes and still make money. There is nothing worse than holding a raffle only to have less ticket buyers than potential prizes. Getting support of local businesses to donate the prizes can somewhat alleviate these concerns.
Next, you still need motivated volunteers to sell many tickets to make the raffle a success. First, the volunteers must be convinced that whatever cause the raffle is supporting is worthwhile. If you are running the fundraiser you should set the culture to be extremely upbeat and energetic in order to convince event attendees that this is an exciting opportunity. If there are any local students there it may be beneficial to offer letters of recommendation in addition to their volunteer hours as these letters are free to provide and can significantly help the volunteer’s future prospects. They do not even need to wait for their magic number to be called, they will get a guaranteed, tangible reward for actively participating. It may also be beneficial to have a small internal competition amongst volunteers on who can sell the most tickets with a small prize for the winner, perhaps a 20 dollar Starbucks card.
However, I must provide a word of caution. Raffles are best when the prizes are great, the hype is high, and there are a large amount of people in an event. These factors only come into play in select situations and it is much better to have a few successful raffles than many poor raffles. I am sure you can remember that one magical raffle you went to, that you bought a ticket for thinking nothing would come of it and wanting to simply support the cause, only to hear your number called and realize you now were the proud owner of a prize. This is a magical feeling that you can give to many other people, just by buying some raffle tickets and setting up the event of a lifetime.

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