Jessica Williford essay

The non-profit organization that I used to volunteer with for several months, Humans For Justice, was able to raise a good amount of fundraising funds with a raffle. The trick is to make the raffle interesting and the prize needs to be something everybody wants to win. This kind of fundraiser is beneficial over fundraisers that just ask people to donate because people like winning, but they also can feel good because they gave to such a worthy cause. Humans For Justice is an anti-trafficking organization that provides scholarships to survivors of trafficking. They also educate the public on the harms of human trafficking. People liked the idea that they were helping in providing an education for victims of labor and sexual trafficking. I truly believe that a raffle is one of the best raises for a group/organization to raise some funds. I know as a student in middle and high-school, I loved a raffle. My favorite was being in the same room with a bunch of people filled with anticipation that they may have won. We would all be looking down at a raffle ticket, and the exhilaration felt by the person that did win, and all others who could just feel the excitement in the air. It didn’t matter if you won or not, although, it was thrilling when you did. It was just being there with a community supporting each other.

The way to maximize sales of raffle tickets that worked for us besides word of mouth was social media. Social media platforms, such as, Facebook and Instagram can drive up sales. This is especially true if the people in the organization including the organization itself has a significant number of followers. The raffle information was also included on the Humans For Justice website. A huge benefit for us is we had a follower that was a winner of a local pageant share our raffle with her many followers.

The prize we used was money, and what is a greater motivator than cold hard cash? 50% of the proceeds were for a human trafficking survivor and the other 50% went to the raffle winner for their child’s education. The reason for this was to promote education all around, so that the importance and value of education was brought to the forefront. If the person did not have children, or their children were not in college, they could write in a student of their own or student that they knew of. Other prizes we thought would be a huge hit was gas cards, a spa weekend, a gift certificate for a massage, etc. We decided to go with money for education to call attention to our cause and to show how much we understand that students need money no matter the circumstances for tuition, books, food, and so forth. Our pitch covered many types of people. Students, parents, grandparents, graduates, and community members.

The great thing about Humans For Justice is it takes little motivation to get the volunteers motivated. They are a great bunch of people who are mostly students themselves who believe in the cause of eradicating human trafficking, and the importance of making the public aware that human trafficking is not an international issue only, but domestic as well. We all felt/feel a part of the organization, so trying to sell more tickets came easy to us volunteers. Words of encouragement was much appreciated, and I suppose with other groups, healthy competition may go a long way. I don’t think volunteers need the incentive to win anything for the most part, but maybe a volunteer of the month page on social media would help boost sales. People like to feel acknowledged sometimes for their hard work, and this is a definite way to achieve this.


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