Jessica Bonilla essay


My family has been a part of various raffles but the one I thought was a huge success was managed by me. So instead of having various small prizes, we went ahead and one huge prize and that was a 2014 Chevrolet Cruze. I had got a new car and no longer needed this other vehicle so instead of looking for a buyer, we gathered family friends and people all over the community to join the raffle. The raffle worked by having 200 numbers, and from there each person picked a number and that was what they had to pay. It was a great opportunity for each person because the most a person could pay was 200 dollars for a car that was worth more than 10,000 dollars.  I thought the results were able to be achieved by having friends share the word because it was a little difficult finding 200 contestants because a lot of people could not afford a 200-dollar ticket and since the odds were very high of getting whatever number, many people were not completely comfortable. Although most of the community thought it was a very good raffle to join because they believed if they were the winner they would be very lucky. A lot of people also thought it was a fun creative idea. The person that would win the car would benefit drastically by having a nice car that would not have to have monthly payments. It would almost be like a gift because the most a person could pay was 200 dollars. I thought this raffle was a win-win for both me and my community because they would not lose much for an opportunity of a great prize. I also got the money I needed for the car and did not have to worry about having to sell the car for a cheaper price then I wanted. I think this experience was very unique and a lot of people also thought it was a good raffle to join. Overall the winner was number 120, so they paid 120 dollars for a car that was worth much more than that. I can assure you the winner felt very blessed and lucky to have won. They appreciated the opportunity and now have a nice car without any hassles of payments. I always thought raffles with cars were always a good idea because it literally just leaves you with a payment of insurance and car care. I think this was a great idea overall because I did not need the car anymore and those that participated probably needed the car more than I did. The results were a success and overall my parents even gave me a cut for helping them with the distribution of tickets. I also met a lot of people and enriched my promotion skills through social media. I think a lot got in contact of me through friends. I thought the whole experiences helped me the most not just financially but mentality.

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