Jesserose Mireles essay

AAU basketball is quite costly. Between purchasing team uniforms, socks, shoes, shooting shirts, sweats, and bags, the costs add up pretty quickly. On top of that, there is a fee to enter into the tournaments that are hours away. It is a grand organization, but a pricey one, too.

I had played AAU basketball with the same team for around three years and we were like family. Each team member I considered a sister of mine, and every parent was my second One year, my AAU basketball team decided to sell raffle tickets to family members, friends, and anyone and everyone else to help the players pay for the cost of the team. I remember going up to my teachers and pestering my friends talking their ear off about this really cool raffle my team was hosting, and how if they just bought this ten dollar raffle ticket, they could win nice prizes. I made the same speech to my aunts, cousins, and neighbors, trying my best to sell a ticket. In the raffle, we had prizes such as a MacBook, a TV, and various gift cards. All alluring enough for us to convince our family, acquaintances, and friends to buy them.

Apparently, everyone else on the team did the same sweet-talking I did, because on Friday when we showed up to practice to turn in the raffle tickets there was a much greater total number than expected. Moreover, figuring out who won each prize from the raffle was slightly exhilarating for two reasons: not only did we get to miss part of practice -therefore we ran less- but also we were able to see who won what and if we were the ones who sold the winners their raffle ticket. We were able to pay for each girl to play in five tournaments, which all of the parents greatly appreciated. This made the cost of paying for the matching team gear much simpler as a good percentage of the price was taken off. The raffle was so successful; we decided to make it an annual type thing. The Lady Charger’s Annual Raffle Fundraiser. It was well known within the community and our circle of family members.

The fundraising raffle was successful many times over and helped my family pay for me to do what I loved. It showed me the power of the community and taught me how to coax someone into purchasing a raffle ticket! It taught me that everything counts. No matter if it was one bought raffle ticket or ten, each one was of value and added to the final total, therefore helping. It taught me to be thankful as I went back to people who had purchased a raffle ticket, helped my team out, and thanked him or her for their participation. It taught me also that you would not always win, as these raffles are of sheer luck. It taught me the power of numbers, I saw my community in action as friends and family came together to help my basketball team, and I pay to play the sport we loved.

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