Jenna Horton essay

Essay Topic #3:

At Noble High School we hold an event every year known as SHOUT Week. During this week the community raises money for a child who is in need in our district. There are many different events that are planned to help involve the community and raise money for the child. Two years ago we held a raffle for the child using baskets that had been donated to the cause. This raffle set up was one none of us were quite familiar with, and because of this no one was sure about what to expect. However, despite everyone’s uneasiness about the event, it ended up raising lots of money for the cause. During the raffle, I was actually a part of what was referred to as the “raffle committee” where I had to assist in gathering items and figuring out how to package them together to help raise the most money. The event resulted in a huge success though where we raised a large amount of money on the one single event. The raffle benefited the child in which we were raising money for, along with his family and the raffle benefitted the community because it draws us closer together knowing we are helping make a difference in someone’s live. The experience enriched me personally because I knew that no matter how small my part was in the whole week we spent raising money I helped make a difference. Simply creating baskets and helping sell tickets gave someone the possibility of a better life and to me that means a lot knowing I got to be a part of something so spectacular.

Another event that I’ve been a part of that included a raffle was one for my soccer team.  My sophomore year of varsity soccer was one that the team decided we needed to raise money for new uniforms and warm-ups considering ours had been around awhile. The Thunder Valley Raceway needed some volunteers to help run some bouncy houses at one of their big events, we then asked if it would be okay if we set up a raffle and some face painting, they graciously agreed. At the event we set up a raffle and asked everyone as they went by if they would like a chance to win what we were offering. By the time it had got to the end of our day we had raised more than enough to cover the expanses we needed. The raffle helped us come closer as a team, and we raised the money we needed for uniforms. The experience helped me grow as a person by seeing that anything can be accomplished, and that sometimes you have to come together with others as one and all strive towards your goal together.

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