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Okay! It’s time to get those raffle tickets out to see who won a prize! Oh yeah, first these tickets must be sold. Don’t get me wrong, fundraising methods are very popular and they do help bring in funds. However, non-profit organizations can do something extra to get money, also. How about holding a raffle fundraiser? Raffle fundraisers are easy, creative, and very profitable. I had conducted several raffle fundraisers during my time in high school as the Student Body and Class of 2017 President, and have seen very positive results. If non-profit organizations follow my advice on how to maximize sales, choose great prizes to stimulate ticket sales, and motivate raffle sellers, there can be a successful raffle fundraiser.

With any fundraiser, the biggest concern is participation. Fundraiser coordinators always worry about if the event will draw enough people. That is why I suggest that to maximize the sales of raffle tickets, you should pre-plan. With pre-planning, non-profit organizations should think about the purpose of their event/fundraiser. Is the organization trying to raise money for a cause or need – or simply having the event to save money? These are questions that must be answered first, before moving on to the task of knowing your intended audience. With this task, you are simply trying to understand what type of guests will be at the event and possibly their financial contributions. Knowing this information will help you with your fundraiser, to help develop a ticket price for your raffle. You should never have a raffle ticket price be too high. The price should be affordable for people to want to participate in your raffle fundraiser. This will help you maximize your ticket sales because if you choose a price that is affordable, you will have a much higher participation turnout for your fundraiser. However, there is another factor that could help you maximize the sales of raffle tickets-prizes.

What’s a raffle without cool prizes? Let me rephrase that question. What’s a raffle without needed, worthwhile prizes? No one wants to participate in a raffle if they do not feel as if there will be nothing worth raffling. That is why non-profit organizations must do all they can to have adequate prizes available. The question then becomes: What type of prizes should organizations have available? Well, the prizes that should be available would have to depend on the organization and their intended audience. For example, if the organization will be having a raffle for a health cause and intend to have mostly adults participating, then they must have prizes that are suitable for adults – like gifts cards or even free prescriptions. If there was a raffle for a youth event or program with an intended audience of children or young adults, then there should be prizes that are suitable for them – like iTunes gift cards or even free tickets to a concert.

When in doubt, always have a variety of prizes that are inclusive to every type of person, young and old, and any gender (such as gift cards to various stores and restaurants, things for your home, etc). This approach will help maximize ticket sales as well because people would feel as if there is something for them to possibly win. In addition, when it comes to getting prizes, non-profit organizations should try requesting various donations from stores and companies. Many stores and restaurants are happy to donate to various non-profit organizations for raffle events. It is great publicity for the business, and it also a tax write off. Organizations are just going to have to do their research, have patience, and put in donation requests in enough time (as some businesses require a certain amount of time to process your requests). Again, prizes do not have to be anything big like a brand new jersey, new car, shopping spree, or a free trip. Instead, it can be something meaningful to your intended purchasers. Ultimately, it is this set of purchases that will maximize and stimulate ticket sales in no time!

Last, but not least, non-profit organizations must not only think about their intended audience but also about their volunteers. Volunteers are the backbone that non-profit organizations need to remain successful and efficient. When it comes to events such as a raffle fundraiser, you must do all that you can to maintain their hard work and dedication. Selling raffle tickets is not an easy and fun task that some people enjoy. Therefore, you must motivate your volunteers to sell such as giving them a pep talk to boost energy and excitement about the cause and the event. Let your positive energy rub off on others and stress the importance of teamwork. Teamwork truly does make the team work. Also, I would recommend having a competitive, but friendly competition amongst your volunteers to decide who will sell the most raffle tickets. Maybe the non-profit organization can have a prize or act of appreciation to spark the competition, and give volunteers something to look forward to. The overall purpose is to creatively motivate your volunteers to sell raffle tickets because some of them may be unmotivated or do not prefer to take part in the fundraising efforts.

In all, I see non-profit organizations having a great time conducting raffle fundraisers. They are quite simple, but they also involve strategic planning. You must remain positive throughout the process and unleash your creativity. Initially, organizations must think about their purpose and their intended audience. Then, comes the decision of what the raffle prizes should be, because what’s a raffle without prizes! Organizations must not only think about the needs and wants of its consumers, but also the sellers (or volunteers). Volunteers may need to be motivated throughout the entire fundraising event. Selling tickets is not always as easy as it may sound. However, I am confident that if non-profit organizations follow my advice, they will have a successful raffle event, with the benefits of obtaining the necessary funds and making everyone satisfied.


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