Jasmine Bittar essay

How a business can derive promotional and customer loyalty/retention benefit by utilizing a raffle in their marketing efforts.



Everyone loves to win free stuff, who doesn’t? The more freebies you give out, the more the word spreads due to the fact that people tend to want their friends and family to derive good fortune as well. Therefore, if you found out someone is giving out free stuff around the corner, chances are, your whole family is going to know too.

Say you want to have an event to talk about your products and services to potential new customers. Does anyone really want to attend some random event to hears salespeople try to sell them on a product they weren’t looking to buy? Of course not! So how do you get them to come? How do you sell them on your products? You give them something to take away. The real question is, what’s in it for them? Announcing a raffle for free items if you show up and fill out your information attracts people far and wide. If they had a choice to sit at home and watch TV or have the chance to win an item, which do you think they’d choose?

Having a raffle is also a great way to keep customers coming back, not just attracting new customers! If there is an event for your company and every month you give out a raffle, I can assure you they are coming in and playing every month. This makes it a habit, it makes them eager to play, they will look forward to trying to win (just like T-Mobile has with T-Mobile Tuesdays). When this becomes something to look forward to, your brand becomes more familiar and acceptable to them, ensuring brand loyalty and recognition. And once this loyalty starts, there is no way they can switch brands. If they decide to switch brands, that habit gets shut off like cutting cold turkey. They’ll miss that feeling of trying to win something every month. They’ll be left with no chance of winning, which ultimately leads to a negative time in their lives. Finally realizing they made a huge mistake of switching brands and running back to your company to sign up again. When they sign back up again, they’ll have the sweet relief of collecting those raffles and feel like their normal selves again.

Once they are back to their normal selves and are happy being a loyal customer again, they’ll tell all their friends about it because ultimately your brand will make them feel good. And that is the whole point of marketing and branding- to make our customers happy, to make them feel good, to build trust and make them come back for more. Having these raffles ensures this feel good moment, which leads to trust and loyalty, and therefore word of mouth.

Word of mouth is hard to come by. If you keep your customers happy, they WILL tell their friends. If you offer raffles and communicate a chance to win something, the word WILL spread. It’s a simple marketing solution, and will always fit within your budget. You can spend thousands of dollars on a commercial to entertain your customers for a minute… or spend much less investing in raffles and watch the new and returning customers come right to your door.





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