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How can one make money without profit? For non-profit organizations, finding the answer to this question is vital to their survival. They can be greatly benefited when they give people incentive to donate. Through raffle tickets, organizations can convince people to donate, because it rewards the organization and the donor. The raffle tickets simply need to have the best elements of a sale behind them. Maximizing sales, enticing prizes, and motivated volunteers are the keys to running a successful raffle ticket sale.


To gain the most financial aid, maximizing sales is a must. First, identify your ideal customer. If you’re in a religious group, sell tickets outside the religious institution to people who you know worship and people you see wearing religious items. If you’re in a civic group, sell tickets at your workplace and school. If you’re in a youth sports group, sell to people who were in a youth sports group, or who have a fondness for the specific sport. Screening the optimal buyers saves time and effort for the customers most likely to sympathize with your cause. Second, know that the most important sale is the one you make to yourself. Tell yourself that you can do it, you can sell the tickets. Remember why you’re selling the raffle tickets. Exercise your maturity; you take responsibility as the leader, while your volunteers take credit. Third, have a temporal economy; get the most sales done in the smallest amounts of time. Sell in densely packed areas, with a bright, attractive sign, drawing in a literal crowd. These three subparts combine to the optimal amount of sales.


Your prizes must be enticing in order to attract a lot of people. Ask potential customers beforehand what they would buy raffle tickets for. Selling something that’s exclusive and unique will increase the urge to buy, because it’s special and everyone wants it. Selling something that’s of good quality and low cost will tempt even the most frugal of buyers to gamble, because it’s being sold for the price of a cheap raffle ticket. Pick prizes that the customers need, due to factors like the seasons, the holidays, or the trends. Target buyers by offering products that can cure whatever ails them, from pains to aging, in no time. Remember, prizes are irresistible because their offers no one can refuse.


It’s essential for motivated volunteers to be the bright faces of your fundraiser. Break up the goal into small increments so the volunteers don’t feel overwhelmed. Treat them with the utmost respect, thanking them for all their hard work. Let them know how important they are to the fundraiser, and how much you value them. Tell them how these sales will directly benefit them. Have them vote on where they want the earnings to go to so they feel like their voices matter. Have separate prizes for the volunteers who sell the most tickets. Have volunteers receive a free prize for every 50 tickets they sell. Make sure to inspire passion in the volunteers that can translate to buyers. The volunteers are your spokespeople within the community, spreading word of your organization and why it matters, so that voice must be positive and compelling.


Maximizing sales, enticing prizes, and motivated volunteers can keep an organization running for years. All these parts are crucial, because an unbalance leaves a vulnerability in your sales. With the funds from selling raffle tickets,one can make money without profit.

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