Imani K Murray essay

I’m Feeling Lucky

To me, some of the most special things to me are free things. I can’t recall how many raffles I’ve put my business card in just to get that free meal for my lunch break. They always leave me thinking about the generosity of the company, it always entices me to come back for another bite. My fondest memory is the raffle at Noodles and Company for the “Free Raffle Mea4Four”. I’ve always believed I have relatively high luck from my winnings at Uno or contests in the past, but my luck at winning raffles never occurred to me. So, without thinking, I pulled out my business card and dropped it in among the other fifty or so that could win my meal. I hadn’t even thought about it for a week or so until I got the call that told me I was the lucky winner! I truly was not a fan of most of their dishes, but the free meal let me dine without the price and I found my favorite menu item. A one-time customer became a regular, all because of a raffle.

Customers buy from a business for obvious reasons; prices, promotions, loyalty, and customer service. Some of the best times to shop are at the end of the season or when the discounts at over twenty five percent off. Price cuts make spending money a lot less difficult whether you’re rich or the discount is too much to pass up. But when it is finally time to get to the check-out counter and you see a little jar with business cards or a promotion for a raffle, somehow, you’re able to spend that extra dollar. It shows that the business is able to give back to it’s loyal customers, a symbiotic relationship between buyer and seller where both have the opportunity to benefit. When a business pays it forward, it shows a different level of customer service. Raffles can be free or for a small price, but with the business giving a bigger incentive to win, the act of awarding is a great way to attract a customer’s dedication. With the increasing number of businesses and competition, standing out is one of the most important keys to keeping customer satisfaction. Doing raffles or promotions are great ways show customers that their dollar is worth something and it is appreciated. It is a loyal and important way to bring back customers time and time again.

Keeping customers is getting more difficult with the aggressive motion of the market, so acknowledging the buyer and how much they give to the business is an important tradition to keep customers. Because of winning that small free raffle from a restaurant I had mediocre interest in returning to, I now enjoy their delicious yet expensive Beef Stroganoff. Though a raffle may never compare to the hundreds of thousands of dollars that people spend daily, even the smallest reflection of appreciation can make a big difference in a customer’s buying habits. Even for businesses, one thing that is always remembered is the kindness of others.


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