Grace Schwaller essay

Fundraising Campaign


I have had the opportunity to be involved in a raffle fundraising campaign for a family friend, Randy, who lives in our town.  He was diagnosed with colon cancer that spread to his spine.  His wife was also diagnosed with breast cancer about a year before him. In an effort to help pay for medical bills, the community teamed up with the family to create a fundraiser to help them.  It included raffle baskets, an auction and a silent auction, selling shirts, and much more to help the family.

My family was able to help the family in many ways, starting off with bringing over food to the family as they were preparing for the fundraiser.  There were already too many baskets donated, so my family was asked not to donate one.  My uncle, however, did donate a table he made that got auctioned off.  It ended up going for a couple hundred dollars.  When we arrived to the fundraiser, my family donated money to the family.  We also put money into the raffles. Additionally, we assisted with the working the raffle booths and tables and worked a couple hours worth of shifts.  When it ended, I helped with counting the raffles.  I then assisted the winners and got them their prizes. In addition, we helped clean up after it was over,which the family really appreciated.

Our town is very small and generous, so the results of the fundraiser were astonishing! The family raised thousands of dollars (they wished to not say the exact amount).  The family was so thankful and appreciative.  They had smiles on their faces all night and could not believe the amount of people willing to help.  The money raised helped them keep up with both of their medical bills because they had to pay for things like treatment and chemo.  The money also went towards cleaning Randy’s blood.  Randy had to have the blood taken out of his body and sent to Texas to have it cleaned.  Then he got it pumped back into him.  ]The money also covered their airplane tickets when his wife and him had to fly down to Texas to see specialized doctors for his cancer.

This experience and being able to help a family friend and someone in my community was gratifying because I was able to help and give my time and donate.  Giving back and helping people is something that is positive and extremely important to me.  In my eyes “doing good” is important and I feel like small gestures like donating my time and money, make a difference and go a long way.  Volunteering for them gave me the opportunity to pay it forward.  Helping them also gave me a new perspective on my own situation, and taught me to be appreciative and thankful for what I have.  My life may not be perfect, but it is a blessing to be celebrated every day.  Helping also gave me a sense of belonging and created a feeling of community.  I felt like I was able to make a difference in their lives which is a blessing.



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