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Raffle Tickets Scholarship Entry


I don’t think I have ever won a raffle. But every time I come across one, I can’t help but enter it. The tickets are a good price, it’s for a good cause, and maybe I’ll actually win this time. The possibility of a prize calls out to me. Raffles have been a part of my life for a long time; I have memories from my childhood of gift baskets I could win at a school fundraiser, each with a different theme. School supplies, movie night, sports, and many more. Whenever I enter a raffle I have to take the chance and satisfy the kid in me that wants to take a risk every once in a while.

A raffle fundraiser is an effective way to raise funds for an organization. When a fundraiser consists of purchasing items directly, people feel that the items are overpriced or are things they do not need. When there is a game of chance involved, people are more likely to buy a ticket. Raffle tickets are cheaper, and if the participant wins, they will be winning something worth much more than the ticket. Besides the practical gain, there is also the emotion factor. People like the feeling of winning, and the excitement that comes with the reading off of the winning ticket number. A kid-like urge overtakes them, and they want to fulfill their promise to themselves, that “one of these days I’m going to win one of these raffles.” The cheap tickets, sense of accomplishment, and risk are all factors that encourage people to enter raffles, more so than participating in any other form of fundraising.

In order to maximize the sales of raffle tickets, a few tactics can be used. For example, instead of having one grand prize with one winner, multiple, smaller prizes could be up for grabs. More people will be declared winners, therefore every person that enters has a higher chance of winning. The price of the raffle tickets also needs to be kept low, so that people feel they are getting a good deal for the prize. The price should also be low enough where people feel they can buy more than one ticket, to increase their likelihood of getting picked. One final strategy that can be used to increase the ticket sales is to not make it a requirement that the winner is present for the drawing in order to obtain the prize. At events, usually people will not want to stay until the announcement of the raffle winner, therefore they will not enter the raffle. This has personally happened to me; at my college bookstore there was a raffle to start off the semester, but I would have had to stay an extra hour in order to receive the prize if I won, which just was not worth it to me. Convenience is a big factor that people consider when entering raffles.

The best prize to offer at an event is something that relates to the event itself. Usually, non-profit organizations are focused on a specific topic, and those involved are passionate about that topic. For example, the Humane Society is an organization that focuses on sheltering animals. If they were to use a raffle as a fundraising technique, they may make the prizes related to animals, or have pet-supplies, since pet owners would likely enter the raffle. A youth sports organization may have a raffle for tickets to a sports game in the area since sports fans would likely be participating in the organization and would want to raise money for it. With prizes like these that spark people’s interests, ticket sales would be stimulated, as people want to support the organization and have a chance at winning something they would actually enjoy.

Tickets won’t sell themselves. Volunteers need a reason to be enthusiastic about selling tickets. If the organization can afford it, a way to do this may be to offer volunteers one free raffle ticket for every x number of tickets they sell. Or, those free tickets could be put in a separate raffle just for the volunteers. Another option could be to offer a prize to the volunteer who sells the most tickets, or prizes guaranteed for hitting a goal number of tickets. In reality, if people are donating their time to volunteer for an organization, they are probably passionate about the cause, and that passion could be enough motivation to sell tickets. For that extra push, getting the volunteers involved in earning a prize of their own will boost ticket sales.

Raffles are a great way to raise money for a non-profit organization. People feel like they are giving to a good cause, and have the chance of getting something out of it. The fun of the competition is motivation enough to buy a ticket or two. All in all, raffles are a way to bring a community together to all give to one good cause.

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