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How a business (including retail and service) can derive promotional and customer loyalty/retention benefit by utilizing a raffle in their marketing efforts.

     I feel a raffle can help a business in many ways.  People like games of chance and like to win prizes. It does not matter what the prize is. It could be anything from a new car to an ice cream cone; people will always spend a little to gamble on a prize. A business can benefit in several ways.  A business could donate a product to a non-profit organization to raffle off for their fund raiser.  When the non-profit advertises their fud raiser and prizes, they will usually put somewhere in the materials that the prize was graciously donated by whatever business or businesses donated the prizes.  The non-profit makes money off the ticket sales and the company gains free exposure. People will see this and take note of the generosity of the business. People will tend to take a closer look at the sponsor especially if the non-profit is a church group, volunteer fire department, or a volunteer ambulance service.  Not only is this free advertising for the business it shows people that they take an interest in helping their community. This may attract a person to go and check out the business, generating a new customer that was not there before. It could also attract new customers through the people that are involved with the non-profit. Leg work has to be put in to get prizes so someone may end up at a business that they normally wouldn’t go to looking for a donation for their cause and then come back and check it out at a later time. It could also make someone curious as to what other products they may have to offer and cause someone to go see what they may have to offer.

     Now a business can also use a raffle to help benefit them. They can offer a product for someone to win. This product could be a promotional product that is offered by the parent company, a new product that is coming out, to help move an overstocked product,  or could be just an alternative advertising gimmick.  Either way, this will make a person curious, and get them into their store.  This may cause the person to not only buy a raffle ticket but it also may cause that person to stay and look around to see what else this business may have to offer. The business benefits by bringing in someone who may not have normally stopped in. They may also get a new sale out of someone who stops in to buy a raffle ticket. Not only is the company getting their name out there, they now have made a new customer.  Once this person stops in they may go and tell friends about the contest the company is running.  The company then gets more free advertising by word of mouth, text, and/or social media because of this one person just stopping in and letting others know.  This creates more curiosity and more traffic to the business.

    In conclusion, a raffle can help a business in several different ways.  It can help draw in new customers through a promotion. It can show it cares about its community by donating to local non-profit agencies. People like games of chance and raffles are the easiest for a business to set up.  They may have to get a raffle permit from the local city government and may be issued at little to no cost. This is still a win-win for the business because it would still may be cheaper than a print or radio advertisement campaign and still gets traffic through their doors.



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