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There is a clear lightheartedness and humor to raffle tickets. The recipient is reminded of childhood memories at a fair or festival and the budgeting lessons learned when deliberating over whether the last two tickets should be used for the ring toss or ferris wheel. Raffle tickets have potencial far beyond just fair activities. Many businesses utilize raffle tickets in their marketing efforts, and any business owner would be remiss to miss out on an opportunity to harness positive childhood memories and associate them with their business to promote customer loyalty and retention.

Raffle tickets have many uses for a business. They can be used directly in a raffle, as tools of categorizing the participants of an event, a motivation for fundraising or sales, only to name a few. My father years ago used to work for a company where in exchange for quality control feedback each customer would be given a ticket and entered into a raffle for 10% off their bill. Using raffle tickets in this way is an incredibly beneficial marketing technique. The business was able to receive valuable information that otherwise would not have been known because the costumer had no prior incentive to complete the survey, and the company was in turn able to improve their service and engage the customer. The customer was also able to participate in a low risk and low effort activity that devotes more time and thought to the company in question and potentially have a cheaper bill. The business was able to pervade a separate part of the customer’s time in a positive way.

Typically when a customer dedicates extra time and energy towards a company the experience carries a negative connotation, but not with raffle tickets. Raffle tickets present a fun and engaging connection to a business beyond just a product-payment relationship. Instead of relating to a company only in a static, undynamic interaction a customer connects with a business on a different level. The tone is more lighthearted and associated less with all the negatives attached to work.

In addition to all this, the customer is left carrying around a piece of advertising. The raffle ticket is a reminder of the business holding the raffle or other event. In a sense, the customer holds a business card of sorts, but one that the customer is more invested in. The customer, depending on the situation, has dedicated time or money or any type of effort into the raffle ticket, and therefore is more connected to the advertising. Any sort of promotional activity that connects with the audience being advertised to had obvious benefits for all companies: a higher retention rate, the audience remembers the product/service more, the business stands out amongst competitors, and more.

Of course I have only mentioned a few of the benefits for companies utilizing raffle tickets as an outreach technique. Raffle tickets offer a valuable marketing opportunity for a company or business, and are also useful for a customer searching for the service or product for them. Any customer looking for a business that places special care into their techniques and uses unique and original methods should look no further than a business that uses raffle tickets.

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