Emily Litt essay

While managing the cosmetics department at the Reno, NV Macy’s I organized my fair share of raffles to help drive business. We implemented a variety of raffles to help increase sales volumes during critical times. Most were haphazardly thrown together as a “hail mary” to reach our goals. However, some were beautifully orchestrated and helped achieve monumental goals.

My favorite raffle was for our Friends and Family sale during the holidays. During this one time of year the hardworking Macy’s employees were able to receive discounts on all cosmetic and fragrance items. This incentive was special because it was an exclusive savings to employees. Macy’s generosity was not always bountiful. Most employees were overworked and underpaid. The additional discount on high-priced items was a welcomed gift during the holidays.

To help incentivize the associated to take advantage of the discount we would organize a raffle that would take place during the duration of the sale. I would ask each cosmetic and fragrance vendor to donate an item to be raffled. By the time we had all of our contributions the value of the gift basket to be raffled off would be in excess of one thousand dollars. This basket would be the talk of the entire store. Everyone drooled over the idea of winning this basket filled with luxury lipsticks, designer fragrances and premiere skincare.

In order to be the proud owner of this cosmetic cornucopia all you had to do was purchase something from the fragrance or cosmetic department and you were automatically entered into the raffle. The possibility of walking away with that lofty prize motivated associates from every department to participate in our event. This gave the cosmetic associates an opportunity to make new clients out of those who seldom expressed interest in moisturizer or mascara. In addition, it helped connect employees from different areas of the large retailer. When you work for a brick and mortar the size of Macy’s you can go months, even years without ever meeting every employee. This sale and raffle helped bridge the gap and encouraged relationships to spawn between departments.

The motivation to enter the raffle inevitably would allow us to reach our sales quota as a department. Since cosmetic and fragrances did approximately thirty percent of Macy’s total revenue, if we made our sales goal, most likely the store would as well. Exceeding sales goals at the end of the year is crucial. The increase in sales meant bonuses for us sales managers, raises for employees, better products for the store and most importantly more hours to hire new employees. The positive impact of the raffle rippled throughout the store and affected almost every single employee. From the person who won the raffle, to the associates who made more commission off of the increased sales volumes, to those who were eventually able to obtain a job at Macy’s because we had increased sales enough to warrant new hires. Everyone won during this event and as the one organizing the raffle and coordinating the sale it was hard not to be filled with intense pride. I knew that I had helped to enrich the life of every employee current and future.

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