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Raffle Drive


I am a part of Penn State Universities 46 hour no sleeping, no sitting, dance marathon. Penn State refers to this event as THON.  THON raises money for the Four Diamonds Foundation in order too provide money to cover all costs associated with the treatments that the child will need.  In doing this the families are allowed to spend their time with their children and support them through their fight instead of having to worry about the cost of medical bills.  Last year alone THON raised over ten million dollars for our over 3,700 families.  These fundraising efforts come from canvassing, ribbon sales, and many third-party fundraisers.  All of these efforts can be applied widespread to all raffle ticket sales.

One way that we could incorporate raffle tickets into these fundraisers are ribbon sales.   In attaching ribbons to the tickets, we could sell the ribbons and then do a drawing at the end of ribbon sales for a prize.  We also hold yearly events such as the Family Carnival along with various walks and runs to raise money where tickets could be sold.  The largest event where tickets could be sold is probably THON weekend itself.  This weekend is the 46-hour dance marathon, which is held in February.  Tickets could be sold in the various food booths, or even at the entrance gate.  For all of these events a drawing at the end would provide the winner of some prize to then be claimed by that person.  This could be applied to church bazars, little league games, even state fairs.

Prize ideas can go from Merchandise for THON or Penn State, to signed footballs and Jerseys.  With players such as Saquon Barkley, Trace McSorely, and other football players from PSU who have gone to the NFL there is a high demand for items signed by them.  This would drive the incentive to buy more tickets in order to increase one’s chances of winning an item.  By offering deals such as 1 ticket for $1, 5 tickets for $4, 10 tickets for $8 and so on, therefore prompting the buyer to see more of a deal the more tickets they buy.  THON and Penn State merchandise, although not as highly sought after as signed items, are also a mode of promoting ticket sales.  Many towns have stars of people that originated from their town that could contribute to these fundraisers the way that our athletes contribute of Penn State and THON.  Places often have some aspect of themselves that they are proud of, a team’s emblem, a churches message, a states flag, which could be used in the same way as the Penn State merchandise.

Incentives for selling more tickets can come in many forms.  First off, the moral value of knowing that the more tickets you sell, the more you are helping in the fight against cancer, and secondly occasionally money matching occurs.   When this occurs the money that is raised by the volunteers is matched by companies.  The benefit of this action includes the fact that the volunteers will have the incentive to work harder knowing that their donation will be matched therefore raising twice the amount of money for our families.  Many business’s, especially large corporations, will match donations/fundraising efforts made by volunteers.  Another way to promote donations is to incentivize.  In doing this you can offer the three highest earners a bonus to their donation, or something of the sort.  Another approach to this is to set goals, for example if someone raises $500 they get a free sweatshirt.

There are many ways to improve the income of donations thorough the selling raffle tickets. The use of incentive and smart promotional techniques can be very useful when trying to improve income.  Through using big name companies in order to promoted the idea of matching donations, the money made from the selling of the tickets can stretch much further.  The use of third party  fundraisers such as ribbon sales in this endeavor can also highly increase the output of these sales.

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