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I think the first thing you have to figure out when you are getting ready to have a raffle is, “Who is my target market?”  We all want to say everyone is, but in reality, you are usually having a raffle to promote your business.  If you are doing a raffle for a free limo ride, the last thing you want as a limo driver is a mom to win that will use it for her kid’s 5th birthday and you end up with a car full of 5-year-old kids.  What you want is to find a market that is going to help your business grow and get a good word of mouth out.  A person that will post what a great prize they got and it will make their friends want to come to your business and do business with you.

A business could utilize a raffle for promotional and customer loyalty/retention by offering a raffle monthly, quarterly, bi-annually, yearly, or all.  If you put the name of every customer you had for that time frame into the raffle and then drew a winner, word would get out about how well you treat your customers and how you give back to them.  People like to feel appreciated and feel like you truly value their business.  This is a great way to let people know you do care.  The nice thing about this kind of raffle is you know you are targeting a market that can use your product.  Make sure to post winners on your website along with what they won.  When protentional customers are looking on the web for a service and they see the good deeds you do for your customers, it gives them a warm feeling about you.  They are then more likely to try your company out.

Another way that a company could use a raffle is to give something away that is needed for that area.  I live in a farming area, if a company gave away a free tune up for a tractor by coming down to their shop and filling out a raffle form, the people in this area would be flocking there.  Everyone here is a farmer or is related to one.  While they are down at your store filling out the raffle ticket, you know they will look around.  Humans are naturally curious, they will take the time to look around and see what your business is all about.  Hopefully they will like what they see and become a customer.

The main point of the raffle is to get people into your business that you want to attract.  Figure out what they are really into and do a raffle for it. Make sure the raffle is one they have to enter in person, that way they see what you have to offer, be friendly, nice and make them feel important.  Then they will want to come back and do business with you, even when you are not holding a raffle.





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