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There is a phrase that says money makes the world goes around and that phrase hold so much truth to it. Money is so deeply rooted in modern society, that it matters as well be added to the list of necessities. People need food, water, and shelter to survive, but without money, those necessities will be incredibly difficult to obtain. Money is essential for getting everything, whether it is a need or a want, but sometimes there isn’t enough money to get either. Profitable organizations may not see this as a problem, but for a non-profit organization, it is a hindrance. Fundraisers are a great way for non-profit organizations to overcome this obstacle. It gives them the chance to branch out to the community for help. The best way for a non-profit organization to receive a lending hand is through raffle tickets. Raffle fundraisers are attractive to the public, and no human can resist the sweet possibility of winning a prize! However, in order for there to be a successful raffle fundraiser, there are steps that must be taken beforehand.

When selling raffle tickets, the primary goal is to make as much money as the non-profit organization can. To maximize sales, the first thing that should be done is to advertise the event prior to the event date. No one will go to the event if no one has ever heard of it. It takes more than just the members of the organization to tell their friends and family. Strangers will help the organization to gain profit but they must first be aware of the existence of the fundraising event. Commercials are a great way to advertise, however they are expensive. A commercial in the local area cost about $200-$1,500, but that’s the commercial alone. If the organization does not have the equipment or the members does not have the skills necessary to produce a commercial, then that will have to buy the equipment and hire someone who has the necessary skills to produce a well-made commercial. The expense of that will be greater than the expense of putting the commercial on local air. Luckily there are cheaper ways to advertise that are just as effective. Creating signs of the event and posting them on the wooden electric posts is a very good way to advertise. Anyone on the streets walking by will see the sign and know of the event. In addition to this, passing out signs will also help people to know of the event. Going up to people one by one ensure that they are listening and that they are actually paying attention. The downfall of posting signs up is that people can just walk by the sign and give it no attention, but when a person tries to grab the attention of another, the message is delivered.

There cannot be a raffle ticket without prizes, but the type of prizes an organization have is crucial to the consumer. Consumers need a motive to engage in the raffle tickets. Prizes that disinterest the consumer will not make the consumer buy any tickets. The prizes must be appealing to the consumer. The best prizes to choose are the ones that are currently popular, yet still within the organization’s budget. Hoverboards is a product that many people desire to have, but it is very expensive. If an organization has the money to buy it, then that would be a fantastic prize to have. If the budget of the organization says there is not enough money to buy it, the organization can find other prizes that are cheap but also popular. Gift cards are magnificent prizes. Organizations can find one that works in favor of their budget and many people are drawn to $15 Amazon gift card (just to name one). Another prize could be baskets of food. Food is a huge motivator for people which is why it is often used as rewards. A big basket full of fancy candy will definitely encourage people to buy raffle tickets. Buying hordes of fancy chocolate may be costly, however. To reduce costs, an organization can buy regular candy. A person will still be willing to spend a few bucks on candy that altogether cost more than the ticket, especially one decorated elegantly. Aesthetics is everything. People will spend more money on one brand than a cheaper brand that sells the same products simply because the more expensive brand looks better.

Within the organization, multiple people have to volunteer to sell the tickets. They are very crucial to the success of the raffle fundraiser because they are the connection between the customers and the fundraiser. The volunteers must be energetic and friendly when approaching people. The volunteers’ objective is to sell as many tickets as they can. To motivate the volunteers to do so, they have to be rewarded for their job. In psychology, if you want a behavior in an individual to increase, the behavior must be reinforced, which includes giving rewards. Food is a reward that encourage people to do their best. Giving pizza to the volunteers after the event, will surely drive someone to sell a great amount of tickets.

Raffle fundraisers is a great way for non-profit organizations to earn money that they do not have. It is important to remember that advertisement, popular (and cheap) prizes, and energetic and friendly volunteers are all essential to having a successful raffle fundraiser. With these three aspects, nothing can go wrong.

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