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Since my sophomore year of highschool, I have been in love with the art behind productions. Being in four musicals myself and the lead of two of those, I understand the hard work and dedication it takes to make sure every aspect of a show goes as smoothly as possible. Not just from the actors in the big spotlight but the individuals who work sound, lighting, costumes and of course all the volunteers helping out with whatever they can. It is all apart of the magical experience of a show. if one thing is off, it takes away from that patrons experience.

When I made the choice to become a junior ambassador, I realized just how important the role of an usher is. If a person really thought about it, ushers are the first people to see when patrons walk into the theater and the last ones to say goodnight to them as they walk out the doors.

So a person’s poise attitude, how you deal with confrontation and willingness to take that extra step to make others happy is a must as an usher. Sometimes I  was put in situations where rudeness was thrown at me for asking simple questions and it could be aggravating for a person. That is only natural because I am a human and have feelings too. But like my mother always says, “ life is 10% what happens and 90% of how you deal with it”. A sense of self control, patience, work ethic, time management and putting others before yourself is all the I learned when becoming a junior ambassador! And I will carry these traits with me forever.

Patience and understanding are always good things to master.  Especially, if I pursue my dream of becoming a children’s psychological therapist after graduating College of Charleston in 2021. I believe our generation is smart, quick and ready for all things. But some of us lack basic communication skills due to the blowup of social media. Being a teenager, sometimes students just want to know they have someone to talk to , who cares and will understand them. And I want to be that person for the next generation because these individuals are the future. What better way to help this world than to help craft the minds of our young!

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