Dawson Leviner essay

Simple, Yet Perfect

My father owns a firearms and ammunition store, Guns & More LLC, in the small town of Bennettsville, South Carolina. He opened it about two and a half years ago, already working a full-time job. He is a hard-working man, but even the hardest working person can’t advertise for his rising business and work a full-time job. Promoting a new business in itself can be a full-time job, and not everyone is creative enough to do it – my father needed help. After a few slow months not having much success in sales, my father came home with a proposal – he wanted to increase his sales and bring in more customers, but wasn’t sure where to start. I told him, “If you want people to visit your store, give them a reason… an incentive. The most successful businesses and corporations like Walmart, Dollar General, McDonald’s, etc. are so successful because they make themselves available in millions of locations. But for small private businesses that are not able to be in so many locations, they have to give their customers an incentive to come.” Once we knew that we needed to give people motivation to visit, the next step was to figure out what that reason exactly was, besides to buy a firearm. It was a hidden idea, perfect yet simple. Raffling off guns is a cheap method for the customer to win big, while also being a way for the business to make money. Give people the opportunity to win a firearm, just by purchasing a raffle ticket. My father and I wanted this raffle to be huge, so instead of having only one winner, we allowed multiple possible winners. Since there were more opportunities to win, customers now had an incentive to buy more raffle tickets (believing they could win more than one firearm). We informed the community of our raffle by publishing in the newspaper, posting on Facebook, and by spreading the word through friends/neighbors.

My father and I had to print off one-hundred more tickets than we expected to sell… the raffle turned out to be a huge success. It brought in new “regular” customers and our monthly sales almost doubled. Because of the raffle’s success, Guns & More LLC now does multiple raffles throughout the year, giving its customers something to look forward to. It is much easier for someone to convince their friend to buy a raffle ticket than to buy a gun. Raffling off firearms is an efficient way for my dad to get our community involved with the gun store, and also a fun way for him to interact with his customers. By using a raffle, my dad was able to promote his business, lift it off of the ground and start the path to 2 years of success. My father and mother work hard to provide for me and my little sister, and working the gun store is another way for my dad to provide for us. I was able to watch my father’s business grow rapidly, and it all started with a raffle.




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