David Lamont Barnes essay

Describe how a business (including retail and service) can derive promotional and customer loyalty/retention benefit by utilizing a raffle in their marketing efforts.


My path to earning my biology degree started with me being a full-time production worker and student. Working more than 50 hours per week and maintaining a full-time schedule as a college student became very taxing. It occurred to me that if I could greatly increase my chances to successfully earn my degree if I was able to set my own hours. The best way to accomplish this would be by using my skills as a musician and a vocalist to start my own business, consequently, Soulful Serenades; my own live music company was born. I began my endeavor by going around to all the local restaurants and bars where live music might be a desired promotional tool. I secured a few gigs in some local restaurants by ensuring management that by hiring me it would increase their patronage and the length of time their customers would hang around their establishments. That meant that instead of being an expense, I would be essentially be adding value to the establishments at which I performed. As I contemplated the best way to accomplish this, I was offered a raffle ticket by a classmate at school. While describing the prize that I could possibly win, the classmate was able to give me all kinds of information on the organization she was looking to benefit. This chance encounter sparked an idea on how to benefit my business as well as the establishments at which I performed. I spoke with the management at the restaurants where I was performing and procured agreements that they would provide me 2 free meals including 2 drinks at each. I bought a roll of raffle tickets and proceeded to give them away all over town. I gave them away and explained to all recipients that I would be performing at certain places nightly from 6pm to 9pm. If they brought the raffle tickets to the establishment during this time, they could give them to the host before being seated for a chance to win dinner for two including drinks at no charge. I explained that a drawing would be held at 7:45 pm to determine the winner. In only two weeks of orchestrating the raffle I saw the number of patrons that usually came to my shows double. This strategy really pleased the management of the restaurants, by boosting the number of customers for the nightly dinner rush. It also helped my business by allowing for me to make more money in tips, and by having other restaurants offer me performance nights to do the same type of raffle giveaways at their establishments. Raffling off free dinner and drinks has allowed for me to be a full-time student and earn a living by running my own entertainment business. Using raffle tickets has been a great marketing tool and I plan to continue using them to enrich my business as well as the businesses of the establishments that book me. It is safe to say that as a promotional tool and a means of obtaining a loyal following of fans/customers, raffling has been an essential part of maintaining a successful business for this entrepreneur.

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