Connor Bird essay

This is a Raffle.

The word raffle gives a mal stigma on the minds of people. They are seen as an impossible hope in which your time and money are wasted. In some cases, they are seen as “below thou.” They believe that a raffle is a poor man’s entertainment. Despite the negative aspects of a raffle, there is one thing that magnifies an audience to them. All people have a small amount of hope within their hearts. An imagination that creates a false reality of what could have been if they had just attempted to grab on to this flailing rope. A non-profit organization needs to create a catch or hook to an audience, buy prizes that are life changing, and have a bigger mission than just selling tickets in order to gain the most from a raffle.

The most important part of having a raffle is drafting an audience of people who want to spend money. It is important to invite a specific guest named alcohol. If free, this drink gives many a reason to come. This will also haze the minds of those spending money and get them to spend a bit more than they need to. If this tactic is not your style, providing a free meal to those who are going to attend is enough of a reason for many to come. If not just the free meal, also have a mega-prize that everyone in the audience is hoping to win. The raffle experience now includes a huge prize, as well as a free meal.

The prize needs to be life changing. This prize needs to make people regret not putting in a few bucks to win this prize. A new car is a very tempting prize, or even an all paid trip to Hawaii. These prizes are ones that everyone wants, but no one wants to pay for. It is important to have the mega prize present at the event. Have the car or tickets in the eyes of the spenders at all times. Post pictures of the prize everywhere. If you have a big enough area, have the car be the main centerpiece of the stage. Decorate it and make it seem as beautiful as possible. This will make the spenders only think about the prize all night.

This raffle should feel as a mission to your volunteers. They need to believe that this experience is going to change the lives of the participants. Everyone wants to feel as if they are helping a much bigger cause. As an organization, promote this event month in advance. Often times, raffles are modestly advertised through copy paper flyers. This is an awful way to advertise. People have trained their eyes to ignore these puny cries for help. You want the volunteer population to grow. Invest in your volunteers. Schedule a day for all of you to spend time together going through neighborhoods giving out invitations and tickets. Do it in a swarm of people so that the neighborhood feels obligated to ask you what is going on. March down the streets of different neighborhoods every week and make it a fun event. Get people excited for these events.

Raffles have an awful stigma associated to them and it is not going to be a simple task to change this. It is up to the raffle holder to use tactics that are unique to them in order to fix this problem. You want to have a nice hook to get people to attend the event. A hook won’t get you there alone, you also want a life changing prize that looks appealing to anyone. Finally, you are going to want to make this event feel like you can’t miss it. These are the best ways to have a successful raffle.


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