Chase Curry essay


Hi, my name is Chase Curry and it is an honor and a privilege to inform the reader that the church is on the rise in Charlotte NC. I am twenty-one years of age and am involved in a non-profit organization called Love Life Charlotte. Our goal is to promote a culture of love and life in our city. With over 100 churches involved and over 18,000 people joining our prayer walks I can confidently say this is an answer to our prayers.

          Love Life Charlotte is an organization that faces the number one leading moral issue in our country, abortions. It is the leading cause of death in America currently reaching to 60,000,000 deaths of unborn babies. As it is a hard number to swallow it is also the truth. There are three abortion clinics in charlotte and over one-thousand churches. Do you see the problem? We have been seeing miracles happening here in Charlotte.

           Over eight-hundred families have chosen life for their unborn in the last two years; and that is just the number we have received from men and women who are telling us. A little over 13 abortion workers have quit their job and some have partnered with us on these prayer walks. We support them in their decisions and bring no shame on them. We wrap our arms around them and help lift them up. One thing that we do is provide for them finically until they can get back on their feet. This requires finical support.

          We, as a non-profit organization, receive donations from people, business, and church’s. This is a great help. This is a great help for us when it comes to supporting these men and women. On our fortieth week prayer walk of 2017 we had donation buckets for people to walk by and drop money for a woman who left her job at the abortion clinic. This kind of support could also be done through raffle tickets.

          Since we are a non-profit organization all the money would go directly to the men and women who need support for raising their babies, the ones who choose life. When someone adopts a child the church comes around and supports these men and women to help the adopted parents raise them. We call this “villages.” Having raffle tickets for sale would be an interesting thing to do at Love Life Charlotte. Some of the prizes they could win would be specialized t-shirts (which we give to everyone who attends), Bracelets (which we also give to everyone who attends), and other cool prizes that have love life charlottes logo on it like a book bag. A Book bag would be so awesome. These bracelets and t-shirts could be ones that only are received through those who won the raffle drawing. When it comes down to the raffling experience, everyone has the tingling sensation, when they stick their hand into the hat or box, knowing that they could win the prize.

 Having raffle tickets is a great way to raise money to spread a culture of Love and Life by supporting these Men, Women, babies, adopted kids, and families who are adopting. We have information tents, tents where you sign up and receive your free t-shirt and bracelets, there could also be a tent that sells raffles that a lucky winner gets a grand prize at the end of the prayer walk. The church is on the rise in Charlotte NC, being a part of the church is so rewarding. It is an honor and a privilege to be a part of this movement.



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