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For as long as anyone can remember, raffle tickets have been a commonly used marker of giveaways and other events.  They can be used in numerous ways, and are mostly purchased by businesses, churches, and schools. Businesses especially benefit from utilizing raffles in their marketing efforts, leading to better promotions and increasing loyalty to their program and customer retention.

Businesses are always looking for new ways to bring in new customers and keep the ones they currently have. These methods can range from clearance sales to new customer signup bonuses, or even offering tickets for raffle drawings. While clearance sales and new sign up bonuses are more prevalent, raffles and drawing are still making their mark in various businesses.

A business that offers a raffle drawing for any major prize ranging from things such as a new car, or any other major electronics are the ones that draw the most customer attention and attracts new customers. This is an exchange that benefits not only the business but their customers and clients as well. The business benefits from the customers constantly wanting to be a part of any new raffles that come up, and the customer benefits from having the opportunity to win a prize from the said raffle.

Retail businesses are always having special deals and discounts, with a majority of them of being car dealerships, and very few being actual retail stores. Retail stores heavily base their customer loyalty and retention on loyalty points, rewards, and store cards. Raffle tickets, in contrast to these other methods of retaining customer loyalty, are less expensive than requiring a bank for a store credit card or implementing a loyalty program which would need to be distributed through software amongst all the stores within the company.

Unfortunately, some businesses believe that raffle tickets are behind the times and are not as up to date as loyalty programs or store cards. Raffle tickets are cheaper, easier to acquire and make organizing events with them much simpler than processing a storewide event. They are also simpler to explain to customers who intend to enter raffles. Rather than explain a drawn-out process about gaining and retaining loyalty points or how to sign up and utilize a store card, raffle tickets are quick to the point and are accessible to people of all ages.

The service industry has been one that has utilized raffle tickets more than retail services. Some service industries do not have the luxury of constant clearance sales, but some do move towards the angle of having store cards as a method to retain and draw in new customers. However, raffle tickets are still their main go to due to the efficiency, time, and price of raffle tickets.

Along with this, there is also a certain allure of excitement that comes from entering raffles that cannot be found from gaining loyalty points or using a store card. Raffle contests are exciting and fun and can bring a lot of attention since the odds are more in the favor of those who have a singular ticket. The raffle tickets give all participants an equal chance, whereas loyalty points must be earned and used within a certain timeframe.

All in all, raffle tickets are still one of the most simple, efficient, time-saving and trustworthy forms of retaining customers and their loyalty. They allow customers and consumers of retail businesses have a chance to earn more from being an active consumer. Modern day businesses that use raffle tickets are setting a trend that we should see happening even more in the future.


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