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One place that I have dreamt to visit was New Zealand. Every two years my school would take our senior class on a trip to New Zealand. The high school I attended was called Native American Community Academy. NACA is a charter school that is funded by different sponsors and its curriculum is not like any regular public high school. When I became a senior at NACA; my class would be going to New Zealand. It was not a trip just to go and see different sites. It was more of a culture exchange with our partnered sister schools in Rotorua, New Zealand. Before my senior year started my old history was responsible for helping us plan for fundraisers. In early August, the first fundraiser was a bake sell that was held in front of our school. This bake sell involved selling art and paintings, and raffle tickets. I remember I made brownies for that event and donated Native American pottery and jewelry. My friends and I were going around selling raffle tickets to each booth, and other people that were supporting our cause. My friends and I sold a lot of raffle tickets that day to our family, friends, and supporters of our cause. We did not only sell to them briefly; we explained to our customers our cause, and purpose of why we are going to New Zealand. Our purpose seemed to intrigue them, for example we told our customers that we know four different schools out there that have been like family to us for nine years. They also asked us what would we be doing for our culture exchange. We told our supporters that we would be dancing and singing, and wear our traditional regalia. Our whanau (family) out in New Zealand would also show us their singing, dancing, and expose us to their culture. As time went on we managed to balance out school, fundraisers, and practicing our culture exchanges after school. One successful fundraiser that I could recollect was at a ballroom in the Isleta country club; this fundraiser was an auction. My classmates and I donated a lot of expensive art and jewelry. We did our fair share of work by waiting tables and talking to different sponsors for our cause. By the end of the night we raised up a lot of money; my friends and I meant important people that we could contact that could help us with scholarships and internships. After this event, I learned that networking was important; not only for work and money, but for school and perhaps a stepping stone towards a career. By the end of our senior year we had collected enough funding to go to New Zealand. I believe that NACA helped me achieve my dream of going to New Zealand, they had been planning this for years. This opportunity was one that does not come around too often, and I got to be one of the luck ones to embark on this journey. Throughout the years, NACA has always helped me achieve my dreams of different opportunities; not just New Zealand, but helping to choose out my path. My hard work had paid off and I got to land in Auckland. When we got there, we were thrilled to be among their beautiful island. While being over the Maori people had taught me the importance of family. Family was one of their biggest priorities, they did not refer to their people as a community-just family. Their beliefs and pride for their culture had touch my heart; because in some ways they had seem far better than my beliefs. When I came home I realized that I needed to change my outlook on life and beliefs. Anyone that I had ever loved, or helped was my family and I was willing to give the same help back. NACA has always been there for me since I was in middle school. This school was consisted of teachers and faculty that were like my own family. One day I would like to give back to NACA by donating, and helping future students of NACA to embark on their own journey’s that will be a real-life experience, and become a cherished memory.

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