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Running a non-profit organization can’t be an easy job and raising funds for one must not be any easier. So how do you do it? How do you raise money for a non-profit? A raffle is a great idea, but what does it take to create a successful one? Luckily,the keys to producing a successful raffling event are very simple and attainable.

When beginning the process, choosing an easily accessible and well known location to hold the raffle is always a good thing to keep in mind. While it’s most desirable to use the location that the non-profit already is, that may not always work. Even if the non-profit organization is a local church for example, it would be wise to choose a different location to host the raffling event because some people would be uncomfortable participating at a gambling event in a place of worship. Keeping the time of year in mind is also important. There are good and bad times to host an event like a raffle. For instance, it might not be a good idea to hold a raffling event around the time school begins. However, holding an event around pre-Black Friday and Christmas season would be a much better idea. People would be saving their paychecks and preparing to spend their money on gifts for loved ones.

Secondly, and probably the most important thing to take care of when planning a raffling event is choosing what the main prize will be. This is something that takes careful consideration. If the prize sucks, then no one will want to take part in the raffle. Good prizes for a raffle are the types of items young kids beg their parents for and grown people fight over on Black Friday: TVs, game systems, loud speakers sets, etc. It’s also wise to have multiple big prizes and intermediate prizes, to lure in more potential consumers. Make them feel like no matter what they have a chance at walking away with something.

Now the fun part: maximizing ticket sales. All of the information above is great, but it doesn’t mean anything if you fail to sell tickets. To get the most ticket sales possible use marketing techniques and incentives to your advantage. Spread the word and make it a point to remind people the purpose of the raffle in the first place. Put out posts on Facebook and other social media sites, make flyers for members to give out, and get kids involved as too! Children are excellent marketing tools. People are more willing to purchase goods and participate in events like these if young kids are the ones selling it to them. Think about it. Girl Scouts of America make around $700 million a year in cookie sales, and trust me, it’s not because of their thin mint recipe (they are delicious though). That leaves the incentives. When participating in a raffle, the ideal goal is to increase your chances of getting your ticket drawn as much as possible. So for the sake of participators comfort and potential earnings, make it easy. Sell the tickets for a base price of $5 dollars then sell “additional draw” tickets for $3. This is how to acquire more money from less people. The participaters will feel the need to spend more on tickets because they know the more they purchase, the better their chances are at winning, not only that, but it seems like a reasonable deal. But buyers aren’t the only ones who need incentives, those selling tickets need motivation too. Offer incentives to the volunteers selling tickets. Have a prize just as valuable as one of the major prizes being raffled for. To make it even better, offer a prize that the parents would want like gas cards and gift cards at grocery stores. That way even if the young volunteers aren’t motivated, it won’t  matter because their parents will urge them to do so.

With this plan, everyone has a goal. Everyone has something to gain and while they run around buying and selling, your non-profit will earn a tremendous amount of money.

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