Brooke Brimeyer essay

Transpiring, impacting, & building a stronger community has been the most energizing honor of my life thus far.  Collaborating with the community has helped my gain an understanding how to help those struggling & how to look at life from different perspectives.  In order to serve well, I have learned to listen, be patient with myself, and not judge.  Accommodating my time has without doubt given me a feeling of great satisfaction and fulfillment.  Service learning has allowed me to look in the mirror and uncover who I really am.  For that being said in June of 2010, my loving mother was unexpectedly diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, which regrettably changed the dynamics of our family in an instance.  This was a significant life event that not only affected my mom, but also has given me the opportunity to be a caretaker, daughter, & best friend to her at quite a tenderfoot young age.  As a member of the National MS Society, I was very involved in the planning of the annual MS Walk held locally in Dubuque.  Through planning and leading a group of volunteers, we are always able to pull the walk together to raise dollars for the MS Society.  I was also responsible for coordinating and selling t-shirts to students, family and even strangers.  It has been seven years now since my mom’s diagnosis, and with that being said we have raised nearly $7000 in the fight against MS.  As a result of my efforts, raising funds will create a huge impacts on the lives of all individuals diagnosed with MS.  Hopefully the money raised will one day find a cure and make me proud knowing I was part of that!  As a result of my past, I began to realize my career path would be that of one focused on healthcare & volunteering.  My mom has continued to inspire & motivate me that through any of life’s difficulties; “don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today.”  All things considered, I am willing and ready to do what is right & ethical; as I know victory will follow! These opportunities have allowed me to grow and develop my leadership skills in a less formal, but no less important way.  I definitely have learned in order to serve well, it takes compassion, strength, and vulnerability to get from point A to point B.  Making a difference, and gaining intense awareness of self has surely built a strong bond between all of us working together to reach a common goal.  I take pride in what I do, and I will continue to keep changing others’ lives from here on out.  Volunteering is without doubt one of the best ways to meet new friends and help solidify established relationships.  Preforming volunteer work has given me a sense of pride and purpose, and physically has kept me a much healthier person.  Helping others in need is truly an enriching experience that can be shared with anyone around you.




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