Bobbie Cazares essay



I was in charge of my children’s silent auctions and school carnivals at their elementary and junior schools.  I was very successful on selling raffle tickets because I looked at the past sales of prior functions for the school and had a suggestion box added to the school library.  I then held a parent meeting with a theme and ideas on what that year’s carnival was going to be.  I mentioned the box in the library and asked for them to add their suggestions to help make it a more profitable carnival.  I mentioned that by bringing in more profits would cut down on what the parent cost would be during the year for supplies, parties, field trips, etc…


I received some great feedback.  We decided to have a raffle along with the silent auction.  The tickets were $2.00 each, or $3.00 for 5 tickets.  To cut down on the cost I worked with local donors within our city limits and even outside.  I contacted Disneyland and asked them for a donation of a family 4 pack of 2-day hopper tickets and they sent them to me. So that was my start….  I started building a family vacation around the Disney tickets.  I contact a gas station and asked for a donation to our school carnival.  They gave me a $50.00 gas card, next I found a hotel, same thing, a 3-ight stay in the Howard Johnson in Los Angeles. I kept going, I contacted restaurant’s, A rental car agency, same thing. Received a car for 3 days, and a gift certificate to a nice restaurant in Los Angeles.  All of the items collected were donated.  I provided the tax donation letter that our school provided and the donors were able to write it off.


I packaged all of the items together in a gift basket with treats for the car ride while traveling, and displayed it in the school office for all to see 30 days prior to pulling the winning ticket on the night of our carnival.  Tickets were sold in the drive-up line while parents were dropping kids off for school and also after school when they were getting picked up.  We also setup a fun game between all of the classrooms on which class would sell the most.  Whatever class sold the most at the end of the raffle received a pizza and movie party.  Also, I should mention, I got the pizza donated also, so everything was paid for through donations and not a dime of our school’s money.


When the winning ticket was pulled, a happy family won l family trip worth $2500.00, for the price of a ticket. They still continue to do this still today.  It is one of the highlights of the carnival.


A lot of the silent auction items were also donated.  My highest profit on a silent auction and school carnival was $27,000.00.


I was happy to see the funds go towards our school.  We used the funds to add TVs in every classroom for the morning announcements, new computers for our AR lab, and new jerseys for all of our sport teams.


I love doing anything to help kids.  The school was very thankful and I received a school position out of it.  I now have moved to Savannah, GA and I’m trying to implement the same process here.

Thanks for the opportunity to share my raffle story.



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