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The Power in a Raffle
During high school, I created a club to help the homeless. Our fundraisers and material drives worked outstandingly well when we approached adults of the community for help, but when we tried doing school-wide drives that depended on student charity, we didn’t find as much success. Students are too concerned with finance and homework to be able to help, but there are ways to convince them to help. I wish I had known about raffle success then.
After high school ended, one of my close friends told me about a time she did a charitable raffle in her church for a toaster, and pretty much every family and kid signed up. I was excited about her success and a little disappointed that I didn’t take advantage of raffle-induced donations while I ran my club. I’ve been working with more humanitarian organizations, and I’m planning on having a career in social entreprenuership, so understanding them is very beneficial for me.
When creating a raffle, it is important to get people excited about the cause, help them understand the high value of the prize, and for them to know that it is a legitimate raffle. Volunteers and donors need to be excited about why the raffle is being held; it is important to fully address the issue the nonprofit is raising funds for, so people can empathize and want to help. The raffle prize gives them an even greater motivation to donate. It is important to show off the usefulness and applicability of the raffle prize, helping donors understand that it will improve their lifestyle. Lastly, it essential to give them assurance that it is real. Reference them to actual websites, give them contacts, or just show them the actual prize.
One great way to do a raffle is to hold a huge event where people pay for tickets and are given the option to enter a raffle. At these events, revenue can be maximized by having machines that can take credit cards and also by dressing up the raffle volunteers in some sort of themed team to get people hyped. Along with this, there are other methods, like door-to-door sales and raffle-entrance boxes in community businesses.
Homelessness and poverty are real problems that sadden me, and I am going to be working with many nonprofits in the future, so knowing about raffles will maximize my ability to help people. Though raffles seem like a fun event, they can yield powerful results and (when the money is used right) can positively, permanently, and completely change lives.
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