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Tickets Scholarship Essay

Using raffle tickets for fundraising has always been a go-to for me. Since I was a young boy, whenever an organization I was apart of needed money and help from other members of the community, we would do a raffle. Raffle tickets are fun, exciting, and helpful in many ways. My organizations succeeded many times before. It turned out to be a bigger help than most people

would think.

When I was in the 6th grade, I played on a youth football team called the Las Vegas Falcons. We were a very good football program that was well known around the Las Vegas youth sports world. Our coaches wanted the best for us in every aspect imaginable. One of their mottos was “look good, play good”. In order for us to look good during the season, we would need to get new jerseys. Football jerseys are very expensive, so we needed some help. So we decided to use raffle tickets. Our organization set it up to where it was low risk and high reward, so many more people participated than what was expected.

We made it a huge event at a park and spread the word through social media. It was a great turnout, and many people were interested in what we had to offer. By the end of the event, the results that were achieved were outstanding. Not only did we receive enough money for jerseys, but we had enough leftover to buy new helmet decals, and a couple of new pieces of equipment for our practices. At this point, everybody knew that raffles really do work, when done correctly of course.

This benefitted our organizations in numerous ways. This helped our organizations by enabling us to order good jerseys that looked great. We wore them with pride and joy. Also, the equipment that was bought from the earnings increased our athletes’ performance, which ultimately increased our performance as a whole. We were able to purchase speed cones and sleds, which increased our athletes speed and strength over time. We were a better football team than ever before.

By the time the season started, we were ready for any and everything. We destroyed teams left and right, and ended up going undefeated through a 9 game regular season. We hit playoffs, and no team could hang with us still. We ended the season off by winning the championship of the division. That still, till this day, is one of my favorite memories of my youth. Raffles helped us purchase the equipment, and the equipment shaped me into the player i further became. Being able to start early with such advanced equipment helped me gain an edge over most football players then, and a lot of players now. To a certain extent, you can almost credit my successes in high school football, for the edge gained through doing raffle ticket fundraising.

I believe that raffle ticket fundraising can and will help with anything that an organization needs. Reach out to people, offer them something worth it, and watch as the sells start to come. When the sells do come, you can go out and get what is need.

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