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Setting up a stand at local farmers markets, county fairs, job fairs, and even sporting events can spread the words or brand of a company just as fast as it started. People are attracted to anything that has the word free in front of it because there is nothing you can lose! When companies set out to begin a raffle having a product to show along with demonstrations and maybe a video playing on a small screen will instantly attract more people to ask what it is, how it works, and all of the fancy technical details. Some people are attracted to bright colors, learning new things, they may have a passion for or learning the business, or even the word FREE!  I know like myself I typically walk past those advertisers because I don’t think I have a chance of winning anything or because the person trying to sell me something just simply hasn’t caught my attention.


The more a company broadcast the product itself the more people will know, the more raffle tickets given out along with prizes the higher sales can increase if it is a well liked product. Most raffles do not offer second, third, and fourth place prizes which can also increase drawing attention to what the product is. Those who come in any place after first can still win something of the same product line which can also lead to increased business sales, even though the prizes given out are not what was advertised it can still spread the word of what the company makes and offers. Salesmen should have a smooth yet simple approach to draw in more users on giving the product a try.


While trying to drive sales, salesmen should have about 50 items with them at a discounted price of 25%-50% or a seperate raffle that can offer the product free for a few months it up to one year.  Although this can be a profit loss, it allows those with the product to leave reviews for the company to make improvements and take out what is no longer needed or that caused an issue. At the table companies can also have a suggestion box of all of their product to get feedback on what they can make better, newer or simply what customers like and do not like. Knowing what the buyers like plays a critical condition because in order for sales to increase their has to be improvements and lower prices. By entering a raffle people could also be signing up for monthly subscriptions such as magazines, pocket size items, other small gifts and daily emails. These daily or every so often reminders can keep customers coming back if they like the product they recieve along with great customer service.


Some raffles can be advertised online such as Facebook, Instagram and other popular social media sites or in areas with a high volume of traffic such as being placed on a billboard, radio ads and signs in front of the company or section where it is sold in a store. The best way to increase raffle entries and markey sales is simply to spread the word with flyers, pens, events and other community related activities.


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