Antaru Mama essay

As a first generation of college student, I have take on many responsibilities with the hope of making my parents proud. I come to the United states in 2014 at the age of sixteen. This meant that I had a lot of catching up to do and that I’d begin in High school as a sophomore. Which was a late start. I was the first person in my family to go to college and make it to high school. My mother worked hard to provide for my siblings and I the opportunities that we now have in front of us. She didn’t speak English when she came to U.S. Her lack of education meant that she was restricted to manual labor. She always reminded us of the value of education.

So far, my educational journey in the United states has given me experience that have positively influenced my character and prepared me for success in the real world. I have been a student athlete since the time of my arrival. At the time of my arrival, I did not speak English, but I love soccer, math, and science. I began High school with some ESL, Math and some Science classes, Which I excelled in. Despite my late start I worked hard to balance academic performance and athletic performance. I still work hard to maintain this balance in college. For my performance, I received multiple award. For my academic performance, I received the presidential award. Along the way, coaches, teachers, and counselors have given me valuable advice that contributed to my preparation for success. The skills that I’ve learned while trying to balance the students athlete life and the advice that I’ve been given will stay with me for the rest of my life.

After considering many programs. I have decided to transfer to Northern Illinois University and study Mechanical Engineering. I’ve been fascinated by machines all my life. I think that industrial Revolution was the primarily possible because of the advancements in engineering that led to powerful and efficient machines. After the industrial revolution, the quality of life in many nations went up. I want to build machines to help improve the quality of life, especially in developing countries. For example, pollution is one of the biggest problems that the world faces today. As a future engineer, one of my goals is to create machines that can reduce those problems.

Living in a household of a single parent, has taught me the value of money. I live in a household of six. My mother has had to provide for the entire family with an income of $24,000. The grant and the athletic scholarships that I received enabled me to focus on my studies without accumulating debt from the time that I spent at my junior college. From asking questions to professional in the field I have learned that to study Engineering would require intense dedication, determination and focus. I was advised that I must choose between two passions: sports or academic studies. Because I chose to focus on academic studies instead of sports, I can no longer depend on athletic scholarships for support. I will need as much financial aid and scholarships as I can get.

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