Annemarie Richardson essay


Everyone has done raffles at least once in their life’s. If you’re a parent and have kids you seen them all over the places from school, to sports, to church I choose topic one because I have been part of Youth sports. I played soccer and reason we did raffles and things like that is to help the kids get money for the uniforms, water, snacks, and other things. We would raffle off things that most parents with kids in sports would want. Some the prizes include gift cards to Walmart, Dicks sporting good, or have coolers, hand warmers, mini fans or any kinds things that would help the parents stay cool or warm while their kids played. Way the coaches encouraged the soccer players to sell more whoever sold the most got new protective pads, bag, and a new ball. This was our goal so all of us wanted to sell the most. We would try to get the prize. The parents would help more because all them things are necessary to play and that would-be money they would not have to pull out their pocket so they would encourage everyone they knew to buy from their child. It wasn’t just helping our team but we all so combative we want to win. Some times other teams would compete with us and who ever sold the most got pizza party. Which to eight and nine years old is big thing.

I feel like some groups I have been in do not do items that not a lot of people would want so less people would buy them. I was in Church group that did raffles for Fall fest and they charged like five dollars or more. The ticket gets you in the festival but then if you bought more you could go different things. At the end night they would pull whoever one got gift card. I feel like only reason this event worked is because parents who brought their kids the kids wanted to play the games or do face painting. If they did not do this they would not got a lot of money because they did it once before at different event you just bought tickets and enter win something and barley anyone bought any tickets. I feel like including the whole family is way to get raffles to work more or if going to help you save money or make your kid happy. I feel like that’s only way they will work.

I think to get volunteers to save more is offer them a prize or offer something to the one who sells the most. The prize encourages people to do more. I learn in my psychology class that it called reward system because we enjoy being rewarded for good behavior. We also perform better when there is bunch of people around to compete with us. I think more raffles should do this reward method because they would see an increase in number of raffle tickets sold.

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