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Benefits of Raffle Ticket Sales


Putting hope into the hearts of those in need. Making jobs for those who need them. Fundraisers are great ways to get the community involved in social endeavors. Whether or not the people capitalize, it is worth a try to put a little spark into someone who needs it. Who doesn’t want to win the lottery? It’s all fake love but once you get it it’s a good bouncing point for your next move. Your spirit needs to be furnished, your spirit needs to want what it does when it does it, or else you’re just going to go home cranky. What this raffle would do for me is set me up with a seasonal job, taking questions, hyping the system, getting to know the whole crowd basically. Love is something everybody needs and love is something that I will fight for.


I get the money, I dont get the money, either way I got a good time out of it. If that is not enough for you, you should maybe check your balance. Joy is hard to come by but I seize it every chance that i get. Did you know that it is healthy to laugh at least one time a day?


Whether you are in the lottery for the money or not, the system will make a lot. Put a ticket in for $1. You go to a couple gas stations to give your tickets to the vendor. When people buy these tickets, they’re feeling good, they’re feeling confident. They’re just taking a load off. They want to win, but really, does anything really matter? The answer to that is no. A better question to ask in your essay is How would you change the world if you did win that raffle ticket. What i would say is i would build parks and recreation centers. That brings me back to my main reason for this essay in the first place: I would build these outdoor facilities not for the birds or the bees, but so we as people can get out of bed and go have some fun. Have a reason to get out of your house, you know? This raffle would affect a lot more people than you think, hell i’d even hire more people than i needed if i were truly trying to help church groups, civic groups, youth sports, etc. You can never be too prepared!


This raffle will give you hope, it will give you desire, it will make these people want one thing they have not gotten in a long time.. A victory! This raffle is what is going to be talked about all around town. This raffle is in every bar conversation, this raffle is in presents given on christmas, this raffle is the easter bunny that comes giving joy to all who believe. Why would anybody want to take that away from these children?


The best way to make this raffle known around town is to make the prize money high. Nobody cares about helping the civic groups etc. that it will fundraise. Well, maybe a few will, but if i know man, and i am one, i would say to raise the money every single time a home run was hit at the youth baseball games, money would be added for every christian that walks out of the church when the bell rings, money money money money. Not only will it make these organizations more popular, but maybe it will help people find what they were truly looking for… Maybe it will help these people find a friend.

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