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Every local event that I’ve ever been to has had a raffle. Raffles can be a great found raiser… if they are done correctly. There are two very important aspects of a raffle, the prize and the audience. Most of the time the raffle prizes are very basic, that alone loses a lot of potential to sell tickets. Whenever there is an event with a raffle, the raffle can easily be ignored by the crowd, it all depends on who I there. It’s a shame that some raffles have the potential to raise thousands and they only raise a few hundred.

The prize of any raffle is the key ingredient to selling tickets, if the prize is good than so are the sales. What most raffles seem to do is to make to prize something basic that most people already have. I have been to countless raffles where the top prize is a game console or a TV. Everyone has a TV, and anyone who doesn’t have a game console more than likely doesn’t want one. Nobody is going to pay money for something that they already have. Another problem that raffles have is when the prize itself is money. The prize should never be money because it takes away from the profit. If a raffle does really bad, the prize could be more than the profit. What I have seen some raffles do is have the cash prize as a percentage of the sales, which is another bad idea. The first problem is that people want to know what they are gambling for, a percentage is calculated after the tickets are bought so people don’t know what the prize is until the winner is announced. It’s never easy to pick the right prize for a raffle which is why it’s important for people who run the raffle to know the crowd that they are selling tickets to.

The most successful raffle I have ever been to was the raffle they had at a thespian festival. I remember kids were paying as much money as they possibly could on raffle tickets. The reason why this raffle was so successful was because the people who ran the raffle knew their target audience.  Every product has a target audience, this is why toy commercials are aired during kids shows and beer commercials are aired during sports. Since the people running the raffle at the thespian festival knew that they were selling to theatre kids, they were selling Broadway show posters that were signed by Broadway actors. Another reason why they were so successful was because they made sure everyone knew that there was a raffle. An important part of every raffle is marketing the raffle to the crowd. The raffle at the thespian festival had the prizes all laid out so everyone could see. The worst raffle I have ever been to was at a dance recital. They did not market their raffle at all, the raffle tickets were sold at the same place that the event tickets were being sold. There was no sign that there was a raffle, and they didn’t show everyone the prize, because it was a percentage of the profits.

Any organization that does a raffle should make sure that they know their target market. Knowing the target market makes picking a prize much easier. The thespian festival’s raffle picked the perfect prize, they picked a prize that nobody already had, yet everyone wanted. On top of having the picked the perfect prize they made sure that everyone who attended the festival knew there was a raffle and they made sure that everyone could see what they were gambling for. The thespian festival raised over 3000 dollars on raffle tickets. The dance recital did not have a prize that everyone could see, and even though they had a raffle it wasn’t marketed. The dance recital raised over 500 dollars. A raffle could raise a great amount of money that would be beneficial to any group that runs it, as long as it’s done correctly.

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