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Describe how non-profit organizations, (including church groups, civic groups,

youth sports organizations) can best derive benefit for their fundraising effort by

holding a raffle fundraiser. Offer proposals for a) maximizing the sales of their

raffle tickets b) prizes that would encourage and stimulate ticket sales c) suggested

ways to motivate volunteers to sell more tickets.



Holding a prize raffle is an exciting way for non-profit organizations to raise money for their causes. Charities, schools, and churches all use raffle fundraising regularly to generate donations because it is profitable and effective. A prize raffle provides a lucrative means for an organization to grow its revenue and support.

A raffle can benefit a non-profit organization in several ways. First, the revenue generated from raffle ticket sales can go directly towards the organization’s charitable efforts.  The amount of revenue able to be generated from a raffle fundraiser essentially has no limit, and if the raffle is promoted correctly, the organization can generate a large amount of revenue. Next, a raffle fundraiser is a great way to publicize the organization. Finally, selling raffle tickets is an excellent opportunity to gain new donors. Supporters of the raffle fundraiser may be interested in supporting future fundraisers or even helping the organization with donations. With every raffle ticket sale, the organization has an opportunity to talk to the supporter about the organization, as well as obtain their contact information for future fundraising efforts or mailing lists.

I recently attended a fundraising dinner for an inner-city private school that specializes in preparing underprivileged teens for college. A raffle fundraiser was used as the primary way to contribute to the school. After the principal of the school gave a short speech about the school’s benefits and successes, dinner was served. During the meal, representatives from the school came around to each table to collect donations for a 50/50 fundraiser, giving each person a ticket for every $50 donation. By the time dessert was served, the raffle pool was more than $4,000.   The principal pulled a number from the bowl of tickets and a man from my table won the raffle.   He was very excited to have won, but after a moment of consideration, he donated his winnings to the school. The excitement in the room was electric as the guests cheered. The school raised $4,000 just during the dinner.

In addition to the 50/50 raffle, several other raffles were held during the dinner. Tables were set up in the bar area with various prizes for a tricky tray raffle, and we were able to purchase tickets for $1 each to place in bowls near the prizes. Local businesses had donated the prizes, which ranged from children’s toys to designer handbags. The school received an additional $700 from the tricky tray raffle sales, for a total of $4,700 in donations through raffle fundraising that evening. Since all of the prizes were donated, the fundraiser did not cost the school any money. All of the money raised was able to go directly to supporting the school’s activities and students.

Raffle fundraisers not only benefit the organization, but the businesses who donate the prizes. These businesses receive free marketing and positive public relations by having their products or services used as prizes for a raffle. For example, a travel agency could partner with a resort and an airline to provide a vacation prize for a non-profit organization’s raffle fundraiser. The three supporting companies would all receive free advertising as the organization promotes the raffle, and the organization would not have to purchase the prize, so it would be able to use all of the revenue gained through the fundraiser for its cause.

In order to maximize raffle ticket sales, a non-profit organization can also use marketing, advertising, and even local news media as a way to promote the fundraiser. Since the event is a fundraiser for a non-profit, much of this marketing, such as space in a newspaper, could be donated.  If the raffle prize is large, local news channels may even want to cover a story about the fundraiser. Additionally, volunteers could promote raffle ticket sales by asking friends, family, and coworkers for donations, or even selling tickets in a public place. An idea could be an internal raffle held for volunteers in which for every ten tickets sold, the volunteer would receive a chance to win a smaller prize.

Raffle fundraisers are a fun and effective way for non-profit organizations to raise money for their causes. Whether the prize is small or large, a raffle gets people excited. Moreover, when the donations are going to a good cause, everybody wins.

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