Alajuwan Moore-Brown essay


                                                                     Business Raffle

There are many ways of how business can have loyalty in their customers, but nothing can beat giving out prizes for continuation of their services. The reason why raffling is so effective is because it’s fun and creates excitement.  The reason on how it’s fun is because a person has a chance of winning “the grand prize” or minor prizes. This cause people to strive to win more and create a less tense customer for if things were moving slow. Not only can a raffle be fun but also exciting. This excitement is because people fantasies what they will get and how they will use it. A business can use these to gain new customers and to increase profits.            When starting a raffle, a business needs to know what would be fun for a person that customer would be willing to send extra money and time, and come back to try in winning the prizes.  Without the right kind of prizes, a business could lose more money.  The way to pick out the right kind of prizes is to first know the age range of the customers that come in the most, and try in target them. The second thing is to create a unique kind of raffle that caught the customers attention. This will help people outside the business to see and wonder what the ticket is for and see if they could win the grand prize for themselves. That is not the only thing that raffles have to offer in turns of helping a business grow.            With fun comes excitement and this can be a good thing to both help create free advertisement for the business, and create a less tense work space for the employees. Free advertisement can come from people posting with their won prizes, saying they won it from this business it will help promote other people to come in to get a raffle ticket to see if they can get something as will, and as more people post online about their prizes the more people will come in. The raffle isn’t just to help the business to grow, but can help in creating a less stressful time for the works. The reason being people would get distracted in wondering if they won or not, and if they did win what kind of prize could they win? The extra time giving by the customer being distracted can give an employ breathing room to perform better at work and treat each customer with the utmost respect. This can improve ratings for the business and have employs more dedicated to their jobs.    It is important that to have a successful raffle the business must know what the age range is that way they can increase their profits. Also, to have prizes that people would want to spend their money on because if not the raffle will not work. With the raffle it can also create free advertisement to help let the business grow in both customers and ratings online. In conclusion I feel like having a raffle is a great idea for a business it has many positive affects to help let a up in coming business grow, or to show that just because it’s a place of business it can be fun place where everyone can win.

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