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– Chronicle a successful raffle fundraising campaign you or a family member has been a part of. What results were achieved? How did it help the organization and/or the community it was meant to benefit? How did the experience enrich you?


I have been part of our church group since I was very young. The Hungarian Catholic Mission in Portola Valley, California, helps numerous orphanages and old people’s homes. We have received lots of thanks for our assistance to literally thousands of orphans in Transylvania.

Our way of raising funds for this charitable work is multifold. We hold benefit dinners, picnics, and also regularly use raffles to engage a wider audience in our work. We have found that raffle servers us in multiple ways:

– It gives a scaleable amount of money to be spent by a supporter.

– It creates a way for deep engagement by our artists (we have multiple good painters).

– It uses the donation of supporters in a wide variety of items to increase the total value to be raffled out, greatly encouraging participants to buy raffle tickets.

We often get 35-40 different items as donations to be awarded in the raffle. These include coupons for free service in the business of our supporters, specialty food items, gift baskets and books.

Our supporters love helping the needy, and have found it very easy and fulfilling to do it so either by donating items, or by buying the raffle tickets. In the wide variety of raffle items everybody can see a few which they’d love to get. Buying a few raffle tickets gives them the chance of getting them, while supporting a worthy cause. And when people get different items than they have wished for, we have often seen a lively barter trade appearing after the drawings. The winners would often exchange some of the awarded items with each other, and this way getting what they have wished for more often, and greatly increasing their overall satisfaction. Our family has won multiple beautiful paintings by our local artist, sometimes after such a trade with another winner who preferred our originally won item.

I have personally experienced how enriching raffles can be in our benefit work. We open up the way for dozens of supporters to donate something which is often of unequal value to them (a car mechanic can give a coupon for a free checkup relatively easily), while being more valuable to most people. These people feel that they have strongly contributed to our effort, and really feel part of the team. Also, the hundreds of people buying raffle tickets clearly know that they contributions will all go towards a worthy cause, and they may even get something memorable for their help. This emotional part increases their involvement and satisfaction a lot more than just donating the same amount, and is giving them a fun and exciting mental ride with the drawing. They feel that the chance part is half of the fun.

To encourage more participation, we have instituted a system where we have a discount in the price of a raffle ticket when more are purchased. Also, the tickets are sold by members of our scout teams, making the purchase and supporting the cause more emotionally involved for our visitors and participants.

Combining these steps, we have found that using raffles is one of the highlights of our benefit events, and people are awaiting it with anticipations. We could not have done our benefit work even close to our level without the help of raffles.

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